Westeros's Second Best

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

   Westeros is a fictional place in the book, ‘’A Song of Ice and Fire’’. There are 9 regions that governed by 9 houses. This is a ‘’what if’’ story that shows us ‘’what if’’ the most powerful houses of each region is replaced by the second most powerful houses. For an example, like House Bolton to House Stark and House Freyr to House Tully. This also did happen in the main story. The main houses in the series have great conflict and this change might make Westeros more peaceful.


   North’s second most powerful house is House Bolton. It was said that the Night King might be a Bolton or a Stark. They now take over the North from House Stark. Roose Bolton is head of the house while Domeric Bolton is the heir. Domeric is not killed by his bastard brother Ramsay in this timeline. Roose is a cold man who will lead the north as silent and peaceful place. His son Domeric is much nicer compared to his father, he is even nice to Ramsay who is not able to kill him in this story. The second most powerful house of Riverland is House Freyr. They take over Riverland from House Tully. Their house is very rich due to having the bridge that lets you cross the Trident. The head of the house is old Walder Frey who have a lot of children and if he died, there might be a war between the Freyrs. They have
married into many houses like for an example Walder’s second son Emmon did married Genna Lannister in the main story who is the sister of Tywin.


   The second most powerful house of Vale is without a doubt, House Royce. They have great chances even in the books to get Vale from House Arryn since Jon Arryn’s only child is very sickly and many house from the Vale already look up to them due to how useless Lysa and Robin are. The head of the house is Yohn Royce who have beat Ned in a sword fight. His heir is Ander who have not been seen much along with his sister Ysilla. His Second son Robar have been killed by Loras and his third son Waymar join the Night’s Watch on his own free will and have fought the White Walkers bravely without fear. The house have a valyrian sword and a magic armor that is very helpful to fight the White Walker. A Stark have marry into his family before since Waymar does look like Jon and Sansa does love him somewhat before the beginning of the book. Catelyn wanted them to be made Rob’s heir over his bastard brother Jon. House Royce might have secrets since they have family in all parts of the 9 kingdoms. Dorne should be ruled by House Yronwood since they are canon, the second most powerful house there. They used to be King of Dorne in the ancient times.


   House Marbrand is the second most powerful house in Westerland after House Reyne’s death. The head of the house is Damon Marbrand. His heir is Addam Marbrand who is equal somewhat to Jaime in sword fighting and is very handsome. Tywin’s mother is a Marbrand so that add more credit for them. The second most powerful house of the Reach is without a doubt, House Hightower. They have more power over the Reach compared to House Tyrell in the main story. The head is a shut in who have not been seen for many years and his daughter's name is Malora who might be a witch. His heir is Baelor who have Elia half in love with him before Oberyn made fun of him. He is known as charming, handsome and strong in the book.


   For Crownlands, They should should be ruled by House Velaryon. House Velaryon is a proud house from Valyria along with House Targaryen. They got to the Crownlands before the Targaryens, but somehow got past over. The Stormland and Iron Island should be ruled by branches of this house since they really do deserve this as a prize given how much they have been passed over in the past. The family used to be one of the richest house in Westeros, but lose the wealth due to the House Targaryen. A member of this is name Aurane Waters. He is said to look like Rhaegar Targaryen with his silver hair and green eyes. The King should be the head of this house.


   I feel like Westeros will be a better place if the ruling houses are switch by the second most powerful houses. Some house that are not are also possible is House Estermont for the Stormland and House Harlaw for the Iron Island. It were have been cool if George R.R. Martin wrote the books with these houses. The house will switch in power.

The author's comments:

I'm still waiting for the ''Winter of Winter'' book to come out for the ASOIAF series and I support the N+W=J theory since Ned Dayne say it in the book and Geroge himself said that Ashara was not nailed to the floor in the war.

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