June 13, 2017

In the valley, we made our camps. Near the river running through the middle, in a ringed clearing, we gather with the other three Clans. Four large territories for four large Clans of large cats. Warrior cats. We follow the code of StarClan, the warrior code that commands us to feed our elders and queens first, defend our territory, train apprentices from six moons old up to their warrior ceremony. I am Dapplepaw of MistClan; let me show you around.
Here in the valley, the land is untouched by what we know if as Twolegs, Nofurs, or Upwalkers, depending on where you are from. The elders say that there are other clans, following the warrior code as we do, and that they once lived in a forest surrounded by many Twoleg nests, called a Twolegplace. They encountered them all the time, walking with animals called dogs that loved to chase the forest cats. There was even a rogue pack that nearly wiped out a whole Clan due to an evil cat’s ambitions, but that is a story for later. The Twolegs around the forest started destroying the forest, and many cats were killed by their large yellow monsters that dug up trees and made ruts in the ground. So, the Clans moved to a new home by a lake that was only visited by Twolegs in greenleaf. They were, and still are, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. These four Clans still exist, although maybe the Twolegs have left. They wanted to spread their knowledge of StarClan and the warrior code, and so they sent an equal number of young toms and she-cats from each Clan to leave in search of a new home in which they would create new Clans among themselves and decide who should be leader of each new Clan and where borders should be set. The leaders of our new Clans in the valley were Mistmorning, Stoneclaw, Moorrunner, and Fishpelt, who then took the –star ending on their names to signify leadership and their nine lives. Even some cat spirits in StarClan went with them, to help the new medicine cats and leaders. There are now four other Clans, MistClan, StoneClan, MoorClan, and FishClan. We are now larger than the lake cats because our territories are bigger, have more prey, and is untouched by the stink and harshness of Twoleg habitat.
I am from MistClan, the one with the most ThunderClan ancestors, the lake Clan known for its courage, strength, and sense of justice. Now I’ll lead you to the apprentice den, where you can stay while you’re here. Tomorrow you’ll learn more, but for now you must sleep. May StarClan guide your dreams.

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