June 13, 2017
By battle-axe-bi PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I am the daughter of Nightgazer and Frostcloud. I am mostly NightWing, but I have many silver-blue scales, deep blue eyes, and a colder fire than most fire-breathers. I am a young dragon of twelve. My scales are mostly black, with the white ones on the undersides of my wings like other NightWings, but I have three white-blue stripes on each of my legs, the end of my tail, and a v shape on my forehead, the point facing down between my eyes, and then fading by the time it has reached my horns. Three silver scales like tears fall around my eyes. Along the top of my wings, the side facing up, my scales turn to white on the top other than at the joints. I have a slightly larger row of spikes along my neck, like IceWings. I was hatched under two moons, which, being half NightWing, gave me the gift, if fainter than most, of mindreading. Two moons for a full NightWing would mean mindreading and prophecy.
My name is who I am. Like my father, Nightgazer, I star-gaze all the time. I am the guardian of the night. I teach astrology every other year at Jade Mountain Academy, and I quite enjoy it, but I also feel the need to be alone, and so I alternated my schedule when I was nine. The dragons running Jade Mountain thought that having a hybrid at their school would release any more tension about inter-tribe breeding, although it is still rare, and so I was hired as soon as I showed up.
I live in the mountains where my parents lived, before leaving after I turned ten. They decided to live at the Iceberg Hill Academy, on the border between the Kingdom of Sand and the Kingdom of Ice, as teachers. I am happy in my home, inhabiting the small system of caves inside the tallest peak where I hatched. I read and draw and paint and get my supplies from a town just over the horizon, where I am well known as I mountain guide, astrology teacher, and loyal friend. Living on the tallest peak as far as even a SkyWing eye can see, it is the grandest sight at dawn and dusk and after a blizzard. The best viewpoint for sunsets and watching passing dragons practically unseen, and making friends with some by offering shelter in my caves during a storm. Happy because every clear night I can star-gaze, fly as high and as far as I want, eat only what I must to stay healthily lean for all my traveling, and happy because every two weeks, on the clear nights, I can star-gaze with Nightflier, the one that keeps the sky around me open like his wings.

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inspired by Wings of Fire.

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