She's Coming Home

June 13, 2017
By battle-axe-bi PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
battle-axe-bi PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail?

A single scale. Ruby red splashed with bloody shades and amber colors. It fell through sky and cloud and was then turned toward the sea with a strong gust of wind at its side. It now fell through skies that complimented the color of Queen Tidal Wave’s scales, rather than reflect the shine of the mountain sapphires the Sky Kingdom held. As the scale fell, the clouds cleared to be replaced by cool ocean air, and then crystal spray as it neared the water. Plunk. Only one dragon heard when it fell between the foaming waves, into his realm. With his sharp ears, he thought it might be a young seabird swept away by the wind, so he swam up to investigate. Near the surface and as far as an adult seabird could go down, nothing. He didn’t detect any drag in the water indicating where it might have gone, either. As he turned to dive down again, he noticed something slide between the large scales around his softer, long chest scales. He felt it with one talon. A very smooth, small stone, possibly a precious one a passing dragon had dropped. He swam down through the momentarily soft, shaded blue water, holding his find where it had slipped. He returned to where he was scavenging for a certain coral for his home in a large, arching reef. He found a relatively smooth rock and sank onto it to examine the small stone more carefully. As he let it catch a passing wave of light from above, he started. He shook his head, took a deep gill breath, and looked at the stone again. Not a stone, a scale. Still unbelieving, he examined it closely, trying to prove his first impression wrong. Ruby red, various blood-red shades, amber waves, golden speckles. Speckles that make her look like a golden dragon in the sunlight…..Refusing to think it was true, he turned it around, to where it would be attached to the body. Lighter red around the edges, almost maroon in the center. He held it to his body, examining which scales it resembled. Not his neck, tail or talons. He held it to the spot it had slipped between his scales, and started again. A chest scale, a heart scale. It fit in where he himself had lost a scale and was still growing a new one, a few scales’ length from his longer cross-chest scales, right over the corner of his heart. It came from her heart. How did she know I was down here? Is she up there, waiting for me? Then again, I think I would have noticed a dragon as beautiful as her hovering above me when I found her scale…..or a dragon reflecting her light winging away……But it was true. The “stone” was indeed precious. He burst out of the reef and powered himself up faster than he ever thought he could go with his huge tail, up to the surface. He broke it with a roar, and soared up so fast that the wind dried his soaking body most instantaneously. Up, up, up, high above his scavenging place, clutching the scale to his heart as if he would die without it there. He roared with all his joy, spiraling up to the lower cloud layer, then letting himself fall, wrapped in the wind’s embrace, then snapping his limp wings open just above the surface, where he could skim the water with his talons as he powered up again. He flipped and fell and soared, using every trick he knew to express his passionate, joyous energy. After so long, she’s coming back!! My beautiful SkyWing, Comet, she’s coming back to me!! Who cares if I’m a SeaWing, I love her none the less. He roared to the heavens, wishing he could share his energy with all the dragons in Pyrrhia; He was so happy. A sudden wave of fatigue suddenly dragged at his wings, and he let himself dive back toward the sea, and hit the water with none of the energy he’d had before. He must’ve been flying longer than he thought. She’s coming home..........! As he sank with a smile on his deep blue face, he couldn’t even think the words, he just instinctively flashed all his feelings in Aquatic with the glow-in-the-dark scales on his body, using energy that came from only his fading thoughts of warm red scales against his.

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inspired by Wings of Fire.

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