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The Sigyn Saga: Part One: A preview

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As I weaved my way through the crowd of Asgardians towards her, I thought of how I was going to start a conversation with her. I made my decision when I was only inches from her. I ran into her, making it seem like an accident. Like I was lost and simply had not seen her there.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." I said to her. Gods, she was even more beautiful close up. She looked into my face, recognizing me.

"Loki?" She asked "Is that you?" She had such a beautiful voice!

"Yes, I am." I said "Sigyn."

"It is you!" She said "And you remembered me!"

"You were one of my playmates." I said. "The only girl who was tomboyish."

"I'm a lady now." She said "Mother insisted that I become a lady."

"You do seem different." I said "And it isn’t just your beauty."

"Oh Loki, you're so flattering!" She said, her cheeks turning slightly pink, "You've changed too."

"can we go somewhere else to talk?" I asked her, "I'd rather talk to you where we could be alone."

"Of course." She said, smiling at me, "Lead me."

I offered her my arm and she took it, resting her other hand on it. As we walked through the crowd, I could see heads turning. Even my brother, Thor watched us pass. I could almost taste his jealousy.

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