November 9, 2016
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One warm spring day  Lillyspot went to go find her sister Honeyspot in the apprentice area where the apprentices when to get faster at their running. The young cheetahs were leaning to run faster so they could  beat the other young cheetahs in a yearly race around the racetrack and become racers and run the bigger course. This was very important to all the mother cheetahs that were mothers of the winning cheetahs. Lillyspot noticed that her sister was getting little faster and wanted to leave her to her training and become one of the fastest cheetahs ever. This would make her mom very proud. Once honeyspot was done training she walked over to her sister which was smiling proudly. Since her sister was done training she went ahead to the course to practice. As Lillyspot got in her ready position to sprint around the course her friend Pablo the hawk swooped down on her back. “ What are you doing?” Lillyspot said as she pawed at Pablo so he would get of her back, which was perfectly in position. “We have very important news for the east highlands saying that they have not trained for the yearly races and they will not compete. This will mean that the races are canceled till…Next Year.” Pablo said a little sad as he went back to his perch of Lillyspot’s back. “Wha, What did you say!” Honeyspot said as she came running over. “I don’t think I heard you right.” Lillyspot said to Pablo. “I am right you heard me, because I know that you aren’t losing your hearing.” Pablo said after raising his voice. “ Umm…. I did not know that they could ever do that, you know just cancel like that. Right before the races to.”, Lillyspot said. Lillyspot walked around the track and sighed because she knew her sister had trained so hard for the races. “I’m sorry-” “We are going to get the east highlands and show them how much all the west plains care about everyone and not just our lands.”

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