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Hetalia- the Awesome struggle Chapter 6

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Germany's point of view>
So like always nothing is completed every time there is a meeting with all the nations. Everyone starts to fight and start bickering. And it really annoys me. It really does. How are we supposed to change things for the better if things like this keep happening? But right now I'm more worried about my brother. The way he left the conference room worried me. I do hope he didn't do anything to hurt himself.

Germany's house> Gilbird, Prussia's small pet bird was pecking the cheek of his owner who was currently sprawled out on the cold floor. The bird was very worried about the guy. He tried to peck him awake and even chirped into the silver haired boys ear, but nothing worked. He chirped sadly. He was scared. He didn't know what to do. He felt helpless knowing he couldn't do anything but hear the ragged breathing of the awesome country who took him in. He just hoped that Germany would be home soon to take care of his awesome caretaker.

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