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A long tale of an English gentlemen's love for an American Chapter 11 1/2

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After that little conversation in the car with America and him dropping me home, we both must have been processing everything every thing that had happened. After everything that happened I didn't feel like doing anything.

I just wanted to be around America again. Yeah we just saw each other but you know, when you have a certain relationship like mine, you just want to be with that certain person.
I'm also going to admit that it is fun to hang out with the American. Don't start making fun of me or it will be the last time I say something like this.

Well after a few minutes I decided to just go to bed. I got really exhausted thinking about America.

I felt the suns bright light hit my skin in my room. It felt nice. It's like laying in sand and letting the sun hug your body perfectly and nicely. As I turned in bed with still closed eyes I felt Mint bunny was moving around trying to get out from under the covers. I sighed and got up slowly. I must have signaled that I was awake because I could feel mint bunny stop moving. I felt him move closer to me and get on my lap. He starred. But it only reminded me of one person.


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