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Hetalia- The awesome struggle Chapter 4

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Prussia's point of view>
after a few seconds i got up and ran my hands along my eyes. I'm not a country anymore. England was right. But still, that whole letter makes me feel like a piece of trash. I got up and started to walk out of the building. I am going straight home. I don't feel seeing anyone today. I don't even want to bother Austria...

At the meeting.Canada point of view> Every nation went back to focusing on the meeting once Prussia left. What is wrong with everyone? Why didn't they let him be. What if someone isn't a country anymore. Are they going to think less about them? I suddenly got up quickly. Every one's attention went straight to me. "What is wrong Canada?" "I am leaving this meeting." I said Collecting all my papers. "What? Why? The meeting isn't over yet." England said. "I'm sorry I just don't want to be in a room filled with people who think so little of a person who used to be so great. I am actually ashamed of all of you. But I guess this is to be expected. And don't even ask what I'm talking about because you wouldn't understand anyway." I said Glaring at all of them. "Mon cher, don't be this way. Can't you tell us? I understand you completely." "No! I'm sorry France, but I need to go. I'll see you another time." I said finally leaving the place. I don't think I'll be in that meeting room anytime soon.
Germany's point of view> After that whole scene with Canada, France looked like someone just hurt his feelings deeply. Even Spain looked upset. A frown was on his face. Now don't get me wrong, I know everyone gets mad sometimes but it just didn't fit for Spain. He doesn't ever get upset, and him actually being said is only the rarest thin in the world. I just hope my bruder is okay, and he isn't doing anything he might regret.

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