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Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... Chapter 10 2/2

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Matthews point of view>
"Wow dude you jumped. Did I really scare you?" "Why do you think I jumped?" I answered staring at his sky blue eyes. "I don't know maybe you have some type of jumping problem." He said shrugging. "Alfie." "Yeah Mattie?" "Im going to hurt you later." "Why?! What did I do?! Oh my God I'm scared!" He shouted. In an instant every kid was looking at us. I sighed and grabbed his arm, forcing him to look straight into my eyes. "Alfred. I'm just kidding! Now stop making a scene!" I said pointing at everyone. He nodded and stood up straight. "Hey I'm going to get everyone else. I don't know why they are late." 'Maybe they busy doing a project that you are too lazy to help them with.' I though. "Hey mat. I'll be right back ok? Please save our table." "Yeah yeah yeah, go get your friends, would you!" I said shooing him away. He smiled and ran out of the cafeteria.

Ok where the heck is Alfred?! He said he would be back but really though?! Ugh, sometimes he drives me nuts! "Yo canadian!" Nooooooo...... Don't tell me.... I slowly looked back. Oh yeah my luck really hates me. "Uh hi there...." I said. I noticed that I started to shake. "Hey I need you to do my homework." "Why can't you do it yourself?" I asked quietly. "Because I got things to do. Thats why." He said staring at me. 'I got a question." "Oh yeah? What's that?" "I never got your name." I said shyly. "Oh yeah my name... It's Mark." I nodded. "So you do my homework and give it to me tomorrow. Got it?" I nodded really quickly.

Great school is over, Alfred isn't anywhere to be found, and I got to spend the rest of the day doing homework for some bully that I can't say no to or he'll hurt me. Man nobody likes my life! "Hey Mattie! Wait up!" I turned around. Gilbert was running up to me. "Hey Gilbert!" I said waving to him. "Hey where is your brother?" "I don't know. At lunch he said he was going to go get his friends but never came back." I said very worried. We started to walk home slowly. "Hey Matt. I noticed that your brother looks alot like you." "Yeah we are like twins. The only difference is that my brother has sky blue eyes and I have dark blue ones. Two other differences are that one, He has a cowlick, and two, he is American. Well I think.... Never mind." "So you are both different because of your curls?" "Yes that's right." I said nodding and smiling. "Mattie, where are you from?" "Oh I'm from Canada." "Cool." "Where are you from?" I asked him. "From Germany." I smiled I never met anyone from Germany. "That's interesting." "Thanks. Hey you want to study together today?" "Uh sure. Why not?"

Minutes later we were right in front of my house when I heard a crash. I opened the door and ran inside completely forgetting about Gilbert. "Mom?!" I headed into the kitchen. There in the kitchen was a dark colored man who had a black sweater. I also saw my mother on the floor with blood on her left side. My eyes widened. This can't be happening to me... "Mom!" I ran to her but was stopped by the man. "Don't get near her! DO you have any money on you?" "NO!" I screamed at him. He, out of no where took out a gun and pointed it at me. "Give me your money!" I started to panic. "Please can you just get out?" I asked staring at the ground where my mother stood. "Sorry kid, not until you give me money." I looked straight at him and started to let tears run down my face.

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