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Hetalia- Thank you.... All of you.... Chapter 10 1/2

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Matthews point of view>
Few weeks later my casts were taken off. I was able to go to school without Gilbert watching me. But that's what worried me the most. I know that once I go back and they see that I'm okay now, they are going to be back to hurting me. Oh man. I'm terrified.

It was half a day today. I forgot. I hope time goes by quickly.

So my luck is horrible. We have gym for first period. Soon enough all the other students were outside ready to get started on whatever the teacher had in store for us. I was just sitting down and listening to people whisper. There wasn't really much about me going around this time, or so I hear. But then again the bully was staring daggers at me. Despite what happened last time he still wants to hurt me.

The teacher, as usual, was at the front of the whole class telling us we are all going to play hockey. I sighed. It's not that I didn't like hockey. No, as a matter of fact I'm great at playing it. "Ok class. I'll let you all pick your team. But there will only be two." Everyone started chatting. Looks like I'll be the the unlucky one if I'm on either team. Or the team will be lucky at having me. But which team will I be in?...

The bully smiled. "Ok you come here." They were starting to choose teams. Boy this is making me nervous. "You come to our team." This was going to be interesting.

It was only a boy and I left standing. Who's team was I going to be in? "You. Girly legs your on this team." Really the bullies team? Oh god.


Everyone was shocked. They looked at me with wide open eyes. "He's good at this!" One boy yelled. The bully came up to me and leaned toward my face. "Boy, where you from?" "I'm Canadian." "Figures. Your Canadian. No wonder your so good at this." "That's racist!" I yelled at him. He shot me a glare. "What did you just say?" "I said that's racist! Just because someone is Canadian doesn't mean they are good ah hockey!" "Watch how you talk or I'll cut you." I really wanted to do something but my fear started to get the better of me.

Class was over and I was heading to drama. I opened the door. People looked at me. I smiled shyly. "Hello Matthew get with your partner and practice your scenes.

The discussions and plans for our scene were finally getting underway. I was in charge of making the clothes, while Gilbert made the script. "Kesesese our scene is going to be awesome!" Gilbert chuckled while writing quickly on a piece of paper. "True. It did help that you got inspired quickly." He slowly looked at me. "Yes I do always get inspired fast." He said smiling. "So what is the scene about?" I asked him. "Bullying." I froze. This is embarrassing.

It was time for lunch. I was waiting for Alfie and his friends to come. What are they late? I then felt two big hands grab my shoulders violently. Oh god. Don't let it be the bully. "Hey Mattie." I'm going to kill Alfie one day. He knows not to scare me!

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