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Hetalia- Thank you.... All of you.... Chapter 9 2/2

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Matthew point of view>
Come on Gilbert get up! Listen I've never said I wanted to die so.... Come on can't you feel me struggling? Man he's so freakin heavy! Just imagine a fat cat lying on a piece of paper. The cat is so heavy he bends and crushes the paper so much it's flatter than flat. We'll guess what? I'm going to be the exact same way if he doesn't get off me. Well not that he's fat........ He's just really heavy dammit!

I guess I'm going to have to do what Alfred did to me once. I put my left hands thumb into my mouth. I made sure there was a good amount of saliva on it. Next I put it in Gilbert's ear slowly. You know what I did.
Gilbert made a face of discomfort. "Yeah sorry Gilbert but you sort of diserve it since you are crushing me to death here." I said. He slowly opened his eyes. "Oh hey Mattie!" "Hey Gilbert. Can you know..... Get off now?" I said quietly. He blinked twice and rolled off me. "Sorry. I think I did that to my brother once. I guess it's a bad habit of mine." He said rubbing his head sheepishly. "Hey let's go outside to the park!"

I felt the warm sun hug my skin as prussia carried me to the park. I saw little kids and people trying to sell lemonade a and ice cream.

We both made it to the park. We had sat down on the grass and stared at the clouds in the nice blue sky. We heard a little chirping noise. Gilbert looked down to his left side. A yellow bird landed on his leg. He softly cupped the bird and brought it close to his face. "I guess gilbird followed me here." "Who?" He looked at me and smiled. "This is gilbird my pet bird. I think he followed me." He said. I smiled that's adorable.

"Hey you sure you can't come to school? I can protect you since you can't exactly walk." "I don't know. I'll think about it."

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