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Hetalia- The awesome struggle Chapter 2

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Prussia's point of view>
like I said before, every nation was staring at me. It felt like they were staring right into my soul. "Gilbert what are you doing here?" England asked softly. Still those words hurt. "Its Prussia." They all looked at this young man. "Canada? What are you doing, bringing Gilbert in here? He is not exactly allowed in here since he is not a country anymore." "His name is Prussia, and he is a country. As long as his people are still alive, he is a country." "His country is now part of Germany." "He should still be a country since people in Germany call themselves Prussians. So as long as there are still people that are from his country, he is a country and is allowed in this meeting." Wow. I didn't think I would ever hear him raise his voice. Canada lead me to his seat and he made me sit next to him. All the eyes were still staring into my soul. "Well what are you looking at? Go on with the meeting." he said to all of them.

each one of them turned their heads. Wow, I love this kid. (Not really a kid) Why haven't I met him before?

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