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Hetalia- Thank you.... All you.... Chapter 9 1/2

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Ok. So I'm not the happiest right now. I think it's because of these stupid casts. No actually I'm pretty sure it's because of these casts. Just then I heard my mother. "Matthew! Come down here! Someone is her to see you!" I went down as quick as possible.

"Hello there Mattie!" It was Gilbert. By the way he was acting, I would say he was here to keep me company. "Hi Gilbert. How have you been?" "Oh I've been awesome. And you?" "Bored. I hate feeling useless." I muttered. "Oh yeah that reminds me. I brought this." He lifted up a basket it had fruit and pancakes.

Gilbert slumped back on the couch. He was reading a book on English fairy tales. "What the...... Magic...... What is this?......" I decided to kick the closet or with my good foot. I saw him jump and drop the book. "Oh my lord. What the heck? Demand you scared the awesomeness out of me." He said grabbing his heart dramatically. I laughed at him.

Ok so yes Gilbert is here. That should be a good thing right? Well it's not. The thing is after hours of watching tv we both fell asleep. You might be saying so what? Well he's leaning on me and I actually want to breath. Come on get up.....

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