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An english gentlemen's love for an American chapter 10 1/2

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England was curled up on his bed sleeping. While he did America ran around the kitchen making him dinner so he wouldn't have an empty stomach. England was less then happy to be in bed though. Earlier he said he was feeling well but America still demanded he stayed in bed. Even if the doctor said he was alright, America didn't want to risk anything.

"England! I'm bringing you something to eat!" America yelled. He had cooked something for his little Britain. It was some sort of dish which was a sausage in a pastry, he didn't even know what it was called but he know England liked it.

"Here you go." He set the dish on the side table. England got up and looked at the dish. "Thank you love." He said hugging the smiling American. "I hope you like it. If you don't want it I can always make you something else." He said nervously. "No America it's fine. Really it is." England said smiling slightly.

America woke up and poked England awake. "England wake up, we have a conference to go to today. We are going to be late if you don't." England woke up rubbing sleep off his eyes with his hands. "Morning you git....." "Uh morning... You.... Well we got a meeting to go to so... You know."

The two blonde men made it to the meeting to see china knocked out on the table. "Uh China are you alright dude?" China's head went up, his hair was fine, but his eyes weren't. They were pink and had dark circles tainted and stained under them. "Listen, I'm tired ok? Korea couldn't sleep on Friday, he wanted to play video games on Saturday, and on Sunday he was hyped up on sugar, aru. Just let me sleep." China said yawning and leaning his head on Russia's shoulder. "Aniki can we play video games when we go home?" China got to his feet and went to Korea's face. "If you don't shut up I'll hurt you and possibly kill you ok? You didn't let me sleep so please be quiet! And no I won't play games with you. Go ask japan or Hong Kong!" China screamed at the younger Asian. Everyone froze in shock. "Now sit down!" Everyone did so. Even though China was talking to only Korea.

China was just about to get to his seat when the door burst open. "Hey everyone the AWSOME me is here!" Prussia said really loudly. China got up and glared at him. "Shut up! You are so loud and I'm trying to sleep while I can before everyone has a fight. If you don't I'll hurt you!" China just beat Germany at yelling.

"Since we didn't solve anything last time, we should try something today." Germany said sighing. He was really stressed. "Yo west sit down you look dead stressed." Prussia said getting up.

"Ok so what awesome things are we going to talk about?" Austria got up and pointed at the albino. "We can talk about what a dumb fool you are." "Sure we can talk about an awesome fool I am." He said grinning. "You dumb obnoxious German!"
China shot up frowning. "We aren't solving anything, aru. I would have been expecting this from England and France, but still please try to solve problems!"

Once again the meeting had finished in a fight. England and Germany had to separate everyone but China was passed out, Russia who was bothering the Baltics for no reason, America who was playing with his psp under the table, Italy who was drawing pasta on his papers, and japan who was reading manga.

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