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Hetalia- a rough life chapter 3

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"Please be okay mama." Romano opened his eyes slowly. Where was he? He looked around slowly, trying to focus his vision. He now knew were he was at. He was at the place that he hated the most. The hospital. He kept looking around. He saw a familiar face. It was his little brother Veneziano. Romano smiled. Thank god his brother was okay. That's when he noticed that they weren't the only two in the room. He looked to the right. Right there, dozing off, was the woman who had helped him earlier. She looked a lot like his real mother. His mother..... The one who he wanted to see.....

Romano started to shake. "Mama?" He looked around and saw that she wasn't anywhere. "Mama!" The Italian shook and cried, waking the woman up. She got up and hugged the sobbing boy. "Mama!" He screamed. "shh, nene it's okay. Calm down." The young lady cooed. Romano soon calmed down and looked at the woman who looked exactly like his mother. Look, if Romano didn't know any better, he would say that the one consoling him was actually his mom. "Where's mama?" He asked her. "Your mama is gone bambino." The woman said sadly. Fresh tears streamed down the little boys face. Why did he have to suffer? "What do you mean gone?" He asked, sniffling. "She's dead." A voice said. He looked at his right. The man who had saved them earlier had been there the whole time. Romano rubbed his eyes. He was all out of tears. His patents were gone.

"Mama?...." Veneziano woke up slowly. "Veneziano?" Romano asked making sure he wasn't hearing things. "Fratello? Where's mama? Where's papa?" "They are gone." Romano said sadly. Veneziano whined and started to tear up. The man who was next to Romano got up and went to cheer Veneziano up. "Don't worry, you'll be okay." The young woman said out loud for Veneziano to hear. Romano looked at the woman. "Can you be our mama?"

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