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A long tale of an English gentlemen's love for an American chapter 9

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England's point of view> I watched him. I watched America sing and cook at the same time. Now usually I would go away because watching people, or spying, whatever you want to call it, is wrong. But, this sight was really amusing. he started to turn around. Oh god.

He turned and looked art me. Embarrassment was shown all over his face. "Uh, you saw that. Didn't you?" "Um, yeah. But I'm going to forget it ever happened ok?" I said quickly. I did not want to ruin this day. He then smiled. What a cheeky smile too. "Soups ready." He said pouring some into two bowls.

We were back in my room. Silence was starting to get me messed up. "So America, since we separated who did you hang out with?" I asked him. He jumped. I must have startled him. "Oh um, I was hanging around with some guy who resembles me. He's my brother, only I forgot what his name was." He replied. 'Really? You forgot your own brother's name? Who does that?' "Oh yeah? Is he nice?" I asked breaking away from my thoughts. The blonde nodded yes. "The only difference between us is, you can barely hear him. He talks super low. I mean, I told him. If one day he gets kidnapped or hurt, how am I supposed to save him if I can't hear him call me. He replied saying that he has sensitive vocals or something." He finished, while shrugging."what about you England? Who did you hang out with." I froze while pushing the soup bowl away from me. "I.... I was alone. I didn't hang out with anyone because I was in depression. I didn't bother to talk to anyone till a few days ago. When you left I ignored the whole world around me. I didn't want to see any of the others faces. I.... I guess I missed you too much. After all you were my brother." I finished my reply. There was more heavy silence. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that the American disappeared. But he just stood there, staring at me. "England. I'm sorry. Really. I hate how I felt great after the war, but you stayed suffering." He said wiping his eyes. Wait. Did he say he felt great after the war? He's so going to get it when I'm Bette- "really England I am." "America. Stop it. You felt it was right because it was for your country. Don't apologize, if anything it should be me apologizing." "Huh?" "It should be me because I'm making you have the burden of realizing what you did, when none of it was wrong. America, what you did shouldn't have made me depressed. It only did because I couldn't let go of the fact of losing you. So don't apologize." I finished. And once again silence was present. He looked at me. "So what am I supposed to do? Not care?" "Exactly. America, we aren't brothers anymore. So-" "Can't we be more?" He cut me off. What did he just say?

Ok so I didn't hear wrong. Mint bunny proved it. "What did you say America?" "Can't we be more than just what we are now?" I blinked in shock. I also felt my face heat up. "America-" "it's okay if you don't feel that way. I promise I'll still be here for you though. Even if you say no." "Yes." "What?" "I said yes. We can be more than what we are." I said turning tomato red. "England." I looked at him. He grabbed the sides of my face slowly and softly. "What is it you git?" I said blushing as our faces got closer. "I love you" his lips connected with mine. I felt this shock almost like magic, when our lips connected. He slowly let go of my face, pulling back. "I love you too, you git." I said blushing the deepest red ever.

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