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Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... Chapter 7 2/2

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After I met Gilbert it was like a lot of weight was lifted of my shoulders. I felt happy because I finally met someone who wasn't afraid to be my friend. I felt happy.

"So Matthew, what should we do for a scene because I can't think of anything." My new friend said giving me a smile. "Well maybe we can do something that will touch peoples hearts. I can't really say any thing since nobody wanted to be paired up with me." I replied softly. Gilbert looked at me with shock in his eyes. "Why wouldn't anyone want to work with you? I mean your kind and just.... You just seem like a good friend." He said, honesty taking over his voice. I looked at him sadly. "Nobody wants to be paired up with the one who has to deal with trouble every day." I said more quietly. Tears started to form in my eyes. He then started reaching into his back pack. He pulled out something silver and shiny. It was a whistle. "Here, whenever you are in trouble, blow on this whistle. I'll here at and come and save you. I can be your awesome hero." He said smiling a big nice smile. I smiled softly and got the whistle out of his pale hand. "Thank you Gilbert." "No problem Mattie!" He said using the nickname my brother gave me. You know this year might not be that bad. Especially with Gilbert by my side. Heck, it might just be the best year with him here.

Drama was finished. we were about to walk out when I stopped. "What's wrong Matt?" Gilbert asked me in a curious voice. I started to limp to him. He gasped. "Matt what happened to your leg?!" he said holding my hand while we walked out. "Uh.... I just had an incident with the stairs you know?" I said lying to him. "Don't lie to me! Some one did this didn't they?!" He screamed at me. I flinched. He suddenly grabbed my shoulders. "Matthew, who did it?" "I can't tell you or you'll get hurt." I said looking down. "But I just want to help you.'' "But if you do, they will hurt you. And I don't want you to get injured because of me" I said almost screaming to the silver haired boy. "Fine, but if it comes to the point were they are almost killing you, go tell someone. Like a teacher or an adult." "But-" "No buts. Just promise me you will do what I just said? Please? I just don't want to lose you like my old friend. Please Matt." He said tears streaming down his face. "Ok. I promise." I said wiping his tears away.

Last class finished and I went to my locker. I stuffed all my books inside my locker since I finished my homework in lunch. The locker next to mine slammed shut. "Hey your that kid who gets bullied huh?" I looked at the boy. He had short dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes with a hint of green, and nice olive skin. Oh not to mention the curl sticking out of his head. He must be italian. "Uh yeah, thats me." I said blushing. "Hi, my name is Romano Lovino Vargas. I'm a freshman." "Hi I'm Matthew Williams. I'm also a freshman. Nice to meet you." The boy smiled. "Hello Matthew. I want to be your friend. I'll introduce you to my little brother the next day. See you the next day. Bye" He said smiling. I waved at him.

As I walked outside I felt hands grab my shoulders. I froze, t5o scared to look back. "Hey Matt, let's walk home together!" It turned out to be Gilbert.

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