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A story for a soul who understands pain Chapter 1: author's note

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Hello readers I just wanted to start this off by saying that this fanfiction isn't for an anime of any sort. It's just a plain old story of a girl's life and how she went through things over the years. I'll tell you right now that this girl is no other than the one writing this. me..... As for the title, I made it up so you will know that if you had any similarities in this story, you know what it feels like to go through the things the characters went through. You know, like real life situations and stuff.

Um if you went through the same things then I know exactly what you are coming from. I know exactly how mush it hurts. I know what it is like to have no one know your life even though others think they do are say they do. But even so at least you are still here... well i'll start writing chapters soon. bye.....

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