The Wrong turn

January 12, 2014
By ArtyBritney BRONZE, Miami, Florida
ArtyBritney BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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"Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone." - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Years later when they were adults, there was a wedding, and much to sayaka’s surprise Hitomi and Kyosuke who were the couple to get married on a beautiful sunny afternoon at the local church
Sayaka goes to their weeding being invited and as Hitomi’s maid of honor. Seeing sadly as Hitomi and Kyousuke kiss after saying their ‘I do’s and vows finally and officially becoming husband and wife, Sayaka cries from what seems to be tears of joy when they are actually tears of sadness, She tries not to fall deep into depression again about Kysouke and tries to be happy for Hitomi.
After the wedding as the sun sets and soon night and the moon takes the sun’s place, thus making it night in mitakihara, Sayaka arrives home, when opening the door and closing it behind her not locking it, she falls to her knees and begins to cry and thus falling into depression once again. She stops with the tears and remembers how she has bottles of liquor over the years from her dear friends as a present to her on her birthday, she left them in the counter unused and how she was thinking to use them one day, Today’s the day. She picks a bottle of vodka from the kitchen counter pops open the lid off the bottle, brings the bottle to her lips and drinks away!
Kyoko Sakura, a best friend of Sayaka’s since Sayaka’s last year in middle school, who were once rivals but soon became the best of friends over the years, turns the door knob to Sayaka’s apartment which to her surprise appeared to be unlocked, “something isn’t right..I can just..feel it” she said “weird.. she would never leave her door unlocked..” she said to herself as she slowly opens the door, closes it behind her and unlocks it and the first thing she spots Sayaka’s face down on the table, her right hand holding a now half drinked bottle of vodka, “What the hell is this…!?” Kyoko mutters to herself, You see Kyoko went to check on Sayaka, how she was not acting her usual happy self after Hitomi’s and Kyosuke’s ‘I do’s and what not, she was invited by Hitomi herself, it was strange to kyoko, they barely even knew eachother, Hitomi invited everyone she knew, she even invited her whole entire class that Sayaka was in during her last year in middle school. Kyoko was worried about Sayaka and asked her “Are you okay?, Is there anything wrong?” Sayaka’s frown turned into a quick smile and replied “It’s nothing I’m just tired from standing too long and walking in heels, Both my legs and feet are exhausted but don’t worry I’ll be fine! I’m going home now” She replied “A-are you sure? If you want I can drive you home and we’ll be together at your house” Kyoko offered “No I’m fine..Don’t worry about me!” Sayaka got up from her seat said goodbye to her friends, quickly congratulated Hitomi and Kyousuke and wished them good luck and left the church walking into her car with her purse and car keys in hand, soon unlocking and entering the car starting up the engines and driving home.
Kyoko was expecting Sayaka to be on the couch watching television, But instead, she saw the opposite,
“…Kyousuke…” Sayaka Slurred, making Kyoko jump, soon hearing Sayaka quietly sob and making Kyoko feel even more worried about her ‘I knew I should’ve drived her home and stayed with her…’ she thought to herself.. “He was supposed to be mine..But instead..she-…she took him ..!” Sayaka shouted slowly lifting her head up from the table and staring at the wall, tears in her eyes..
Kyoko soon took a few steps close to the table where sayaka was sitting in a wooden chair, Even more worried , Sayaka slowly pushed her chair back, got up on her feet, Vodka still in right hand, her head facing Kyoko’s, Kyoko’s eyes widen, Sayaka’s face filled with tears, puffy red cheeks and mascara running down her face, ruining her makeup from the salty tears “She took him away..” Sayaka said still looking at Kyoko tears slowly falling from her eyes, slowly right hand holding vodka, Kyoko taking a few steps back “Before..-Before I had the chance…!!!!” She threw the vodka at Kyoko, Kyoko dodges the bottle, thus the bottle colliding with the door, glass and vodka spilling and falling to the as the vodka slowly trickle’s to the floor behind Kyoko.
“They hell’s wrong with you!?” Kyoko shouted as her face made an angry expression making Sayaka’s eyes widening
“I thought you were over that prick already! He doesn’t deserve you!” She continued
“Looks like I still had some feelings for him…” Sayaka whispered to Kyoko
“What’s the point of living if I can’t have him?” She asked
“Your friends! Family! Those that care for you! Don’t die because of that b**** taking her away from that twat! That happened since who knows how many years ago!” Kyoko shouted at Sayaka

Sayaka denied it, She shaked her head side to side violently, screaming “No! You’re wrong!” her right hand slowly touching the table still faced and eyes on Kyoko.
Kyoko’s eyes followed her hand moving, until it touched something.
Kyoko couldn’t believe it, It was a pistol, A Pistol her best friend’s hand touched. She also spotted a tiny box of ammo opened, some of it’s bullets are missing.
Kyoko Sprinted as Sayaka’s hand quickly grabbed the pistol and raised it to the right side of her head, Tears starting to fall down her face once again, making Kyoko’s hault from her sprinting soon eyes widening, Kyoko just couldn’t believe it, she knew if she took one step closer it’s all over, her friend is over…
Kyoko on the verge of tears falling down her face as she starts to plead Sayaka not to shoot herself Pleading again and again, telling her to put the gun down and assuring her it’ll be alright and they’ll get through it.
Kyoko knew deep inside it wasn’t going to be okay, but she soon denied it, She did not want to believe it, She Does NOT want her friend to die and be alone again, she WILL live and we WILL get through this she thought to herself.
Barely any words and pleading from kyoko did not reach out to Sayaka at all.
Sayaka placed other hand both hands now holding the pistol to the right side of her forehead, slowly placing a finger on the trigger.
Kyoko repeated again and again to Sayaka shouting not to kill herself, Tears finally falling down her face.
Sayaka refused to listen, Closed her eyes, then finally pulled the trigger.

The author's comments:
Since I said in "Because of Him" I was inspired by Sayaka Miki's story after I decided to write it since I had thoughts about '
What if Kyousuke had his left hand healed by his doctor and NOT by Sayaka’s wish making her NOT a magical girl thus NOT becoming a witch and still human, But Hitomi still took Kyousuke away from Sayaka before she had the chance’
And thus this was born
Thank's to my teacher Ms.Fischer edit a few parts for me and said "it's very intresting,Not what I like reading, But it's very intresting"
I'm really sorry that whoever read this or is about to read this, It's very depressing and sad, And I'm sorry
And While writing this I felt depressed and cried tears a little. Since I made it have a bad turn instead of a good one, If everyone likes this and comments, There might be a chance that I will make a good ending for this.

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on Jan. 24 2014 at 12:15 am
ArtyBritney BRONZE, Miami, Florida
2 articles 15 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone." - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

On January 21, 2014 for one day this was voted as Number 1# In Fan Fiction, Thank you so much!


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