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Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... Chapter 7 1/2

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I was walking through the halls, limping. Each person stopped and stared. They looked at me and had a sorry look on their face. I frowned. I knew this wasn't going to stop at all. The bell rang seconds later. I knew I was going to be late for this class.

Minutes later I got to class. Well actually I was in front of the door. I was deciding weather i should open the door or just go straight home instead. The teacher must have saw me outside the door because she opened the door to let me in. "Matthew your 5 minutes lat- Oh my goodness what happened to you?!" "Oh it's nothing Ms. Gould, I just had a little problem today." "Were you in a fight?" "No." "Well if you need to go to the nurse then go right ahead." She finished her sentence patting my shoulder.

Today the teacher was letting us make up a scene with a partner, it counted as half of our grade. The scene it self would determine if we got a good grade or not. As usual I was by myself since nobody wanted to work with the kid who got bullied. They just didn't want any trouble. I sat in the corner with book open deciding what I would do for a scene.

A few minutes later a kid came in. He talked with the teacher and was coming my way. The boy looked completely different from all the students in this school. He must be new. He had snow white hair, pale skin, and red eyes. He was right in front of me. "Hello there. My name is Gilbert Beilschmidt. Im a freshman and I would like to be friends with you." He said holding out a hand to me. I got up and smiled. "Hi im matthew williams love to be your friend

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