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Hetalia- Thank you... All of you... Chapter 6

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I kept crying. I went into the kitchen and took a knife out of a cabinet. The knife looked sharp and had a red handle. I slid my finger on the edge, red liquid came out and spilled on my shoe. I then walked to the bathroom and locked myself inside. I looked at the mirror in front of me. There in the mirror stood a weak caramel blonde teenage who had a bruise on his head and puffy red eyes. It angered me so much that i could not do anything but need others to save me from things like this. I then grabbed the sharp object and put it on top of my wrist. Slowly I dragged it down my creamy pale skin. The pain calmed me down. Actually it felt really nice. The cold metal sliding into my skin while the crimson liquid spilled out freely. Like a dam breaking and letting water lose. Like someone pressing a bottle and syrup spills out slowly. I kept cutting, each cut getting deeper. I suddenly realized that if I didn't stop soon i would probably end up passing out. I finished the last cut and put my wrist under the sink. The water stung. I winced in pain. I then opened the brown cabinet and took some white bandages out to wrap my arm in. Once i made sure that the bandages were tightly on my wrist i put bandages on my head and other bruised parts, from were the bully hurt me. I finished and went to my room. I changed into a pair of boy shorts and a white t-shirt. I slowly climbed onto my bed, sleep taking over me completely.

"Matthew! Wake up its time for school!" I heard my brother yell. I looked at my clock, I was going to be late today. "I'll be there in a few. I just need to take a shower real quick!" I yelled back even though my voice sounded like a whisper. Oh be quiet i have sensitive vocal cords. I took my clothes off really fast and took a cold shower.

Minutes later I finished eating and we started walking to school. Though this time I put on a red sweater that said Got Syrup? yes I know it sounds dumb but I really like it so... yeah. I started making my way up the stairs when a teacher walked out. "Um, excuse me. Do you know what period we should be in next?" "Ah yes." She answered my question. How i dreaded coming to school at this time. I was supposed to be in gym at this time. Ugh I was going to suffer big time.

I walked into the class with my gym clothes on. Everyone looked at me. I felt my ears get red. "Hello matthew, it seems you are late. We are running laps today. Don't worry about anything, just start running." The teacher said playfully slapping my back. I did what I was told Once she left. "Oy chicken legs! Better run faster!" My eyes opened wide. I ran faster than last time. "Oh so you are actually trying to run faster than last time huh?" he said catching up to my speed. "NOBODY RUNS FASTER THAN ME! ESPECIALLY NOT YOU!" He finished his sentence and tackled me to the ground. My head hit the ground very hard once again. He got on top of me, grabbing my right leg. He started to pull backwards. Suddenly I felt my leg jerk and I heard a popping noise. "AAAAAAAAH!" I screamed in pain. "Dude I think you went a little to far." "you think thats going to far? Watch this." He then grabbed my left arm and twisted. Not to mention he also pulled it backwards too. I heard another pop and screamed my lungs out. He got up and kicked my back. He was about to kick again until I heard a whistle blow. "Whats going on?" The teacher asked "He fell and I was trying to help him back up." the boy lied. I got up and smiled. "He's telling the truth teacher. See I'm okay." I lied. I felt horrible. Then the bell rang. My next class was drama. Thank god.

I think I would've died if it weren't for the bell.

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