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Hetalia a rough life chapter 1: it all starts with a "CRASH!"

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A family was In a car driving home. It was filled with four Italians. Two adults and two young children. You could say it was the parents and their children in the car. The mother who is named Isabella lovi Vargas, had dark brown hair, olive skin, and light brown eyes. Not to mention a curl sticking on the right side of her head. This woman was married to a handsome man who goes by the name Marcus Feliciano Vargas. This man had short auburn hair, light peach skin, hazel eyes, and a curl on the left side of his head. They both were very young but had the age to have children. "Are we almost home?" "Yes. We will be there shortly. All I have to do is drive two more ,miles." Marcus said to his beautiful wife. "Mama, I want to go home. Are e almost there?" "is mi bambino, we are almost there" she said to her older son which was only four. The boy was named Romano Lovino Vargas. He had dark brown hair like his mom, hazel brown eyes like his dad, and a curl on the right side of his head. Not to mention his skin like his mom. Romanos brother who was a year younger was sleeping with drool coming hanging out of his mouth. He said "pasta" in each breath. Romano's younger brother is called Veneziano Vargas. He has hair like his father, skin like his father, and the same curl. Only he had light brown eyes like his mom. The youngest boy stirred a little and woke up. "Mama I'm hungry!" "We will be home soon. I'll make you pasta when we get there. Ok?" "Yes! Pasta!"

Minutes later they were still on the road. Isabella was getting impatient. Just then a car swirled into them, making Marcus lose control. The Italians car flipped down the side of the road multiple times then stopped. The car landed upside down. "Mama! Papa!" Romano and Veneziano both cried out. The parents stood motionless. There was glass everywhere. Veneziano had cuts on his left arm and a gash on his knee. There was also class stuck on his right arm. Romano on the other hand had two gashes one on his right shoulder and one on his left leg.he also had multiple bruises and cuts on his arm and face.
Outside a car was driving. A coupl inside saw the Italians car and stopped. They heard crying. "Call an ambulance Maria." The man said frowning.

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