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The Sleeping Brute: A fractured Fairytale

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Kiera who awed people with her comeliness and pulcritude. She was loved throughout the land and was most sought after for marriage. Suitors would travel long and far to catch a glimpse of her fair face. At an early age, her mother insisted she learn the rudiemntary basics of domestic housework. Kiera quickly learned and frequently helped her mother cook and clean for dinner. Kiera’s life was a joyful one filled with merriment and laughter but all of that changed when Kiera turned sixteen. According to tradition, on her sixteenth birthday, a princess must have a celebration to commemorate her impending womanhood. Kieras parents, King Phillip and Queen Miranda invited all the faires of the land to attend the festivities. Amist the excitment, the Queen accidently forgot to send out a invitation to one particular fairy, Meladora. Meladora was of a cantankerous and belligerent disposition. She lived in solitude in a humble cottage at the edge of the dark forest. After finding out she was not invited to the party, Meladaora flew into a wild rage and decided to cast a wicked spell on the princess. Standing over her cauldron, she murmured evil incantations involving powerful, dark, magic. After a few minutes of erratic bubbling, the liquid in the cauldron subsided and turned a virulent, murky greenish color. Meladora poured the liquid into a glass and flew out the door towards the direction of the princesses palace.
As Meladora landed on the steps of the large, intricate palace, the queen gasped for she realized she forgot to invite Meladora. Rushing to her side, she started ushering sincere apologies. But her efforts were fruitless for Meladora looked her straight in the eye, took out the potent potion swirling in the glass and said, “In a weeks time, your daughter will fall into a deep, gloomy sleep that is uncurable.” With that, Meladora threw the potion on the ground. The glass shattered into tiny fragments and the air became enveloped in a dark, foggy haze. Shocked, the queen was beside herself with worry, she did not know what to do? Sure enough, in exactly a weeks time, the princess fell while tending the garden. No one could wake her nor stir her. She was transferred to her bed chamber and there she lay peacefully. Her mother had just about lost hope and was a complete mess. Watery eyes and tattered clothing, she walked around the palace grounds motionless with a blank look on her face.
One day, as her mother was walking around the stone fountain, she noticed a bright light in the distance. As she squinted to look, a fairy emerged out of the sky and plopped down next to her. This fairy was unlike Meladora. She had light pink, sparkly gossamer wings and wore a leaf wreath in her golden locks. “Hello queen!” she stated cheerfully “I have come with good tidings.”
“There is indeed a cure for the princesses curse, she must be kissed before the twelth moon by true love.” The queen, awash with hope thanked the fairy warmly and... STOP. At this point in the story, you know what happens, everyone falls into a deep sleep and then a handsome, charming prince comes along and saves the day. He kisses the princess and she awakes, falling deeply in love with him. The problems with this scenario is that the prince is considered the hero. As a metter of fact, in almost all fairytales, the male character is deemed the clever one, the couragous one, the witty one. Meanwhile, the the female character sits in her castle or bed chamber, brushing her hair waiting for someone to rescue her. She is portrayed as helpless and vain. So as the author, I have decided to switch things up a little bit. Instead of beautfiul princess named Kiera, our damsel in distress will now become Prince Fredrick. Prince Fredrick is in quite a pickle.
One afternoone, while he was out hunting with his comrades, he came across a old, rickety, cottage located at the edge of the dark forest. Sound familiar? Yes this was the home of our evil, fairy Meldora. Meladora did not like to be disturbed and so when she looked out her window and saw the prince and his pals fooling around, causing a ruckus, she was quite displeased. Disguising herself as a pheasant, she strutted over to the men. “Pardon me,” she inquired meekly. “Do you by any chance know the path to the town of Brackett,” “I am selling my goods there for this years market festival.”
Since this pheasant girl seemed fairly naive and innocent, Prince Fredrick decided to have his fun. Snickering to his friends, he turns to the pheasant girl and says, “My fair lady, I will gladly tell you the path to the town of Brackett but first you must rest your lips upon my cheek.” With that, the prince and his friends erupted into a deep, sonourous laughter. Shaking with fury and agitation, Meladora dropped her disguise and changed back into her true form. Her mousy, brown, hair tucked into a neat bun had turned into a jumble of black, wispy tendrils. Her large, brown, doe eyes had turned into seething ebony pits of darkness. Her tattered rag dress had transformed into a dramatic, floor length gown consisting of purple silk and red velvet. Hairy spiders and green, hissing snakes nestled themselves in her gauzy, silver, wings. She smiled a crooked, malicious smile and directed her attention on the clearly terrified prince. “Well, what do we have here?” she stated nonchalantly. “Why it seems as though we have a prince on our hands, a rather obnoxious prince I might add,” she continued in a placid tone. “Now what should we do with you? Boil you! and toss you to the rabid dogs. No, I am feeling quite generous today, Hmmm, let me ponder... oh I got it!” “I will put a rather horrific enchantment on you, eternal sleep!” “You will fall under a deep slumber and will not be able to awake.” With that, Meladora took out a thin, wooden rod encarved with ancient scriptures and started reciting a spell. The prince meanwhile stood motionless and extremely frightened. At the sight of Meladora, his friends took off on their steeds without even the slightest glance towards the prince. He was left desserted and forsaken. After a few minutes, Meladora finally concluded her spell. She gave the prince one final glare and then dissapeared in a cloud of purple smoke. Confused, the prince stumbled home not entirley sure what had happened to him. The next day, the prince did not show up for breakfast. The princes father, King Eldmund scoured the castle grounds and found the prince splayed on a plush chair in the main library. Unable to arouse him, the King became worried. Over the next few months, the King tried everything to revitalize his beloved son. He ordered the most powerful wizards and witches to attend to him but their efforts came to no avail. He tried natural remedies reccomended by mystical elves that lived in the nearby forest but that also had no effect. Soon, the King became very depressed. He decided to offer a reward of 500 rubles to anyone who was able to wake his son. Many people tried but no one succeeded. A year passed by... Two years passed by... Four years passed by until finally, one day, a young women came to the king and claimed she could find a cure for his son. The king took one look at her, long, golden hair, large gold specked, green eyes, soft, pink lips, snowy, white teeth and a trim figure. “You?” he asked shocked. Then he burst out guffawing, “You, save my son? “Your just a maiden, you have no experience with fighting or weaponry!” “This quest is dangerous, you will encounter vile ogres and horrendous dragons, how will you defeat them?” “Will you knit them to death, Hahaha!” With that the king let out another peal of deep, resonant laughter.
Perturbed, the girl frowned and responded, “ I have been trained by the finest nights and warriors and taught by the most intellectual professors. I have spent 10 years in the misty caverns of Glom learning all types of magic and sorcery, I have lived in the Bolivian Dessert for 10 weeks with nothing but a jaded knife and a camel. I have defeated heinous mountain trolls and grotesque cyclops. I have gone on quests with the legendary Sir Lancelot and Robin hood. I think that I am more than qualified to rescue your son.” The kings mouth was agape, his eyes bulged and he had a stricken expression on his face. He was so schocked with the way the girl had so blatanly made a fool out of him. Trying to recompose himself, he flattened out the wrinkles in his imperial robe. Meanwhile, the girl stood confidently in front of him with a fierce look in her eyes. She tapped her foot impatiently, “if you choose not to accept my assitance, it is perfectly fine by me.” With that she turned around and started walking toward the exit.
“Wait! the kings voice bellowed, please wait! he said lowering his voice. I really miss my son, I would do anything to get him back.” “I am sorry that I talked to you in such a disrespectful manner. I would greatly apprcieate if you could find a cure for my son.”
The girl turned around and smirked. “Apology accepted, she said. Kiera nightley at your service!” “In order to cure your son, I will need a few things. First, two of your most majestic steeds, one as white and pure as the winter frost and another as cold and dark as a starless, jet black night. Second, I will need a cloak woven from the finest, egyptian cotton, ebroidered with swirls of shiny gold. Last, I will need provisions such as food water and rubles.” “In three days time, I will return with your son’s cure.” The king was rather flustered after hearing all of the girls demands but nonetheless obeyed for he desperatley wanted to reconcile with his son. He ordered his stable boys to fetch his finest mares one white and one black. Then he ordered his seamstresses to sew a cloak from the rarest cotton and jewels. Last he asked his chefs to prepare a basket filled with scrumptious dishes and beverages.
After all the items had been prepared, Kiera, clad in the cloak mounted the black stallion. Before she rode off, the king came up to her, handed her a brown sack bulging with rubles and said “Please find a cure for my son! I am counting on you Kiera.” For a seceond a look of remorse flooded Kiera’s face, her fingers twitched uncontrolabally and her large green eyes started to water. But as quickly it had come, it had gone. Kiera’s face turned back into her usual keen, impassive expression. She solemnly nodded at the king and then rode off into the dust. The white mare trailed behind her carrying her belongings.
As Kiera trotted alongside the cobblestone road, her mind swarmed with emotions. She had foolishly let her gaurd down when she was conversing with the king but she coulden’t help herself. She knew that if the rest of the group found out, she would have been sternly lectured on the importance of appearing confident and put together when going on a mission. The words, “I am counting on you, Please bring back a cure” echoed through her brain. The king seemed so vulnerable and helpless. He was so dependent on her to bring him back a cure. When he stared at her, aspiration and hope filled his eyes. He genuinely believed she would save his son. For the first time in her life, Kiera felt uncertain and anxious. She had gone on many missions
before but she had never felt such contrition. She always tried to convince herself that all Kings and princes were gluttonous pigs who only cared about affluence but something about this King made her think differently. As she neared the dark forest, she started thinking about other matters and forget her incident with the king. As the scintilating, bright glossy sun set into the folds of the sky, Kiera finally came upon a small, secluded clearing. She dismounted her horse and retrieved her supplies. Then she secured the horses to a gnarled tree stump. Sighing she sat underneath a tall, shady, willow tree and dreampt off. After a few hours, the sounds of laughter and mirth woke Kiera from her slumber. Warily, she rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms. She stood up to find two women standing face to face with her. One had piercing, egnimatic, brown, eyes and long, wavy hair while the other had cropped, brick red auburn, hair with cyrstal clear, ocean, blue eyes. Both women were garbed in sleek, black pants and plain, brown tops. Their belts were adorned with all sorts of knives, arrows, sharp rods and hammers. They stood menacingly over Kiera. “Where have you been, you were supposed to meet us at brookstones creek! We have been looking all over for you!” the red head asked impatiently.
“I am sorry Delia, I was tired so I dozed off,” Kiera retorted.
“How did the mission go?” Delia continued.
“The mission went as planned, we obtained horses, rubles, food, water and a cloak,” Kiera answered.
“Excellent, did the king suspect anything?” the brunette asked nervously.
“No, Adriana, he did not suspect anything,” Kiera answered. As she thought about the king, she wondered if he had truly deduced that something was amiss when she had almost broken down in front of him. Trying not to over anaylize, Kiera pushed the idea into the very back of her mind and paid no heed to it. “Are we ready to depart?” Delia stated.
“Yes!” Kiera and Adriana said simultaneously. The group packaged their possessions and headed out on their mounts. “Can you believe that king fell for our scam, he’s just like the others, halfwitted and moronic,” Adriana said laughing.
“All kings are exactly the same, selfish, sexist, idiotic and imature. Princes are not much better, proabaly worse,” Delia said with a witty grin.
“Do you remember what happened to Snow white, she was so besotted with that prince of hers and then what does he do, cheats on her with her evil stepmother and then dumps her! Hah! Typical prince behavior!” Adriana said.
“Oh and do you remember that time when that king said he would marry cinderella, turns out he already had a wife!” Delia said.
Throughout the conversation, Kiera had remained rather quiet. She agreed with her friends on the fact that most kings and princes treated women badly but there was something about the king she met earlier that kept on making Kiera ponder. Although at first, the king had doubted Kieras skills due to her gender, he sincereley apologized. He had entrusted Kiera to bring back a cure, he had put faith and optimism into her. No longer able to contain herself, she blurted out, “Guys, I need to tell you something!” “When I was conning the king earlier, I started to feel guilty. “He was so kind and hopeful, all he really wanted was his son back.”
Adriana and Delia gasped, “What!” they both screamed loudly.
“Kiera, a king is a king, they are all the same!” Delia said.
“You guys don’t understand, the son of this king is under an eternal sleep enchantment. He needs our help!”
Rolling their eyes, Adriana and Delia looked at each other, then at Kiera and then back at each other again. Exhailing deeply, Adriana let out a low huff and said, “Fine, we will make an exception just this one time but we are not doing this for the king, we are doing this for you!”
“Thank you so much,” Kiera said happily. “You guys are the greatest friends!”
“Oh don’t start with us, flattery will get you know where,” Delia said smiling.
“Wait, how are we going to obtain a cure for eternal sleep with so little time?” Adriana asked inquiringly.
“Oh don’t worry about that, I know just the person who can help us!” Kiera said.

The three girls galloped off into the direction of the dark forest. As they reached the edge, they spotted a worn out, wooden cottage. The girls secured their horses and then walked up to the front door.
Kiera knocked on the door two times and then patiently waited. Finally, the door creaked open, “I wonder who is knocking on my door?” a high pitched voice said. “It better not be an annoying prince again! those buffoons give me such a migraine!”
“Aunt Meladora!” Kiera shouted excitingly. “It’s me your niece!”
“Oh Kiera! I haven’t seen you in ages.” “Are these your friends? Please come in, I just made a fresh pot of tea!” They all situated themsleves around the fireplace. Meladora passed around a plate of orange scones and poured everyone a cup of tea. “So, what brings you to this neck of the woods?” she asked.
“Well, we have somewhat of a dillema,” said Kiera. With that, Kiera retold the entire story of how she and her friends met and their happenings and her occurence with the king and his enchanted son. “I though that since you were an expert with magic, you might be able to assist us.” Kiera said.
Meladora sighed and then said, “Long ago, I remember putting a very similar enchantment as the one you were describing on a very especially pesky prince. He had gotten on my nerves and well.. I... well.. I cursed him.” “I am sorry if my actions caused you any grievances,” Meladora said.
“Don’t be upset Aunt Meladora, arrogant princes always get on everyones nerves!” Kiera said jokingly.
Relieved, Meladora smiled and said “If a cure is what you need, a cure is what you get!” Rummaging through her cuboards, Meladora retrieved a tall, thin glass bottle filled with a watery, light pink substance. “If the prince digests this, he will awaken from his sleep,” she said handing the elixir to Kiera.
“Thank you so much Aunt Meladora!” Kiera said.
“Your welcome child! Anytime!” Meladora responded. The girls bid their goodbyes and then rode off on their horses in the direction of the Kings kingdom.

As Kiera and her friends arrived at the palace gates, the King lit up with happiness and joy. “Kiera!” he said warmly. “Your back so early! You brought friends! Are you girls hungry? Do you want some rest or something to eat?” he asked.
“No, we are fine. Thank you for offering,” Kiera said. “We have found the cure!” she announced. Kiera handed the king the elixir, “It is crucial for your son to drink all of this for his spell to be broken,” she said. The King ordered his servant to bring his sleeping son to the main hall. The king gently opened his son’s mouth and made him swallow the elixir.
After a few minutes of nothing happening, the prince finally sputtered and awoke. “My son! Your finally awake! I have missed you oh so much!” the king cried gleefully. Then he turned toward Kiera and her friends, “You girls have done me a great service by curing my son! I am forever indebted to you! Anything you wish you shall have!”
Kiera and her friends smiled at each other and then said altogether, “We were glad to help, we do not require anything in return.”
“Then at least keep the rubles and horses that I already gave you!” the king said. “I am just so exhuberant that my dearest son has finally awaken, Please let me repay you in some way!”
“Well I guess we can keep those horses!” Adriana and Delia piped in nonchanlatly.
“ You guys!” Kiera teased comically.
“Well we better be on our way, we have got places to go and princes to con!” Adriana said.
With that, the three girls got on their mares, bid goodbye to the king and galloped off into the sunset.

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