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A Call

I pace back and forth near the phone. "Should I do it? What if he answers? What will I say? Good God I can't do this. No, I have to. Okay. Here goes." 
I pick up the phone. I dial. I put the phone to my ear. I can feel myself swallow throughout my whole body. Like a rock, losing at a race down my throat. Slowly descending the declivity into the pit that is my stomach. Before I know, she answers. Not katniss, my love, but another girl. By the sound of her shaky little voice saying, "hello?" she couldnt be over ten. "Hello, my name Is Gale. Is Katniss There?" 
She hesitates a moment before telling me to wait. I hear through the phone, "Mommy! There's a man on the phone for you!"
 "Who is it Willow?"
  "I think his name is Gale." 
I hear, I assume, katniss, stomping down stairs. 
A shuffle. 
"Hello, Katnip," I say, "it's Gale."

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