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Camp Half-Blood Quest: Chapter Nine

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"I don't see anything! What game are you playing at?" Matthias snapped. I glared at him, and opened my mouth to spit an angry retort, but Janet intervened wisely.
"Maybe it's just for her to see. After all, we ARE demigods. Nothing has ever been that clear for us," she pointed out, and Matthias shrugged. I glanced back at my invisible twin, and poked her. My hand passed right through her.
"Whoa!" I yelped, and leaped back when she suddenly rose up and shot right into me. Slits of white light began materializing around me, and dark shadows blinded my eyes. Excruciating pain coursed through me, and I gasped when it finally passed.
"Keitha?" Janet murmured, delicately touching my shoulder.
I attempted to rasp out that I was fine, but my voice was gone. Then I heard someone else, who wasn't there speak.
"Keitha?" the Voice whispered.
"Where are you? Who is this?" I yelped, and my companions stared at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was, hearing Voices in my head.
'They can't hear me. Only you can.'
'Why?' I thought back.
'Because I'm you. You were supposed to die back there, at the hand of Styx's assassin. I'm who you're supposed to be: a ghost in the Underworld.'
'So you're my dead twin?'
'Think of it how you like. But I can see more than you can, and I'm bound to your conscience.' I almost fell over giggling. Who knew that I was SUPPOSED to die when a pyscho woman threw knives at me? And now I had a ghost version of me in my head? Why didn't this happen to OTHER people?
"Guys, let's get off this boat and look for some rocks," I suggested.
"Why rocks?" Matthias inquired.
"Because that's what the prophecy said...At a pile of stones you find, the music draws all blocks away."

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