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I met Cody Simpson

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I knew it was a bad idea. But like every other fan, I was crazy to win the VIP pass to Cody Simpson’s concert in Boston.
I was feeling really lucky and was informing my Cody (the guy I’m crushing on, he is a replica of Cody Simpson, but tan, with gorgeous brown hairs and dark brown eyes) every day on the phone about it.
It was the night I was going to meet my idol, my love, the Cody Simpson!!! Was so crazy I couldn’t wait and was feeling so restless.
And it started. Cody was right in front of me, in a blue shiny armor (actually a suit). His hairs ever so shiny and gorgeous, his eyes ever so bright and sparkly. He was their flesh and soul, so perfect, so glamorous! I was like on the top of the world! Tried imaging the songs “Got Me Good”, “Be The One” and “Hello” are written and sung for me!
Then, it did happen as I was hoping. I WAS THE LUCKY GIRL HE CALLED ON STAGE! He sang me “Genlteman”, looking me in the eyes. Was I dreaming? Feeling every girl’s envious gaze on me, I stepped down the stage. Was it really happening? I was mesmerized.
When I went to backstage, to get my copy of Paradise signed and a cute poster of Cody Simpson to get autographed. He handed me the stuff but caught my hand. I was SHOCKED when I caught him staring at me. He whispered “I meant what I said in the song.” That caught me off guard. He stood up, put his arms around my shoulders, and I... I fainted. The only thing I can recall is Cody’s bewildered eyes on me as I fell.
A week later, as I was recalling the momentous event in my head, I thought of that superstar, glamorous Cody who didn’t wait a beat to lemme know about his feelings and me…? What am I waiting for? I got up, crumpled the piece of paper on which Cody has scribbled his number, walked with me head up high towards my Cody to tell him my feelings for him.
The glorious moment of my life!

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Klammyt This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 26, 2013 at 10:08 pm
Do you really like Cody Simpson that much? I mean, he sang at my middle school two years ago. He wasn't great. People threw food at him.Yeah... maybe it's just a San Diego thing, but we hated him.
Loren_Directioner said...
Feb. 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm
Great job (:
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