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Letting Go

McGee's eyes were flooded with tears as he looked at the grave before him. The headstone had been made and everyone was here. It was time to start.

"We are all gather here to mourn the loss of a smart, kind, lead-finding, one of a kind computer." he started as the team tried not to laugh.

"This computer was personalized to the best computer at NCIS, designed by me, and worked wonders. It saved us from many head-slaps, and gave me an escape from any paper work. It was very fast, and they best I had ever had. Thank you all for coming." He finished with more tears in his eyes.

Everyone, expect Ducky, he was just being nice, and Abby, who had done this before, was holding back laughs. Even Gibbs had come. McGee's new nickname that everyone called him was McFuneral.

After it all ended, and the computer was in the ground, they said their good-bye's and let Timmy mourn.

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