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An equestrian chronicle-edited by spike dragon

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This is a rather strange time for me, spike dragon. I have recently found many things in the canterlot archives; all with increasing oddity and illusion...this is what I have found


long since the days of time began, there have been 3 knights of equestria; kind Solar, of the solar empire, prince Star of the andalusia empire, and of the lowly court of the lunar kingdom, was thane Lluead. under these 3 was the task of protecting all men.The king, Solar, was known also as "the lion" for his strength. Star was known as "lark" for his agility, and the humble Lluead was known simply as "The owl" for his wit. Lluead was a blacksmith, who made all plate armor for the men, as well as all weapons for the three. His duplicate forgers were able to use magic to make weapons without materials for thousands lerht of men. (One lerht=100 men) The swords each weigh around .5 stone. (7 kilograms?) The arms were used for the defense against the norman armies of king william. William's men were fast and cunning, but no match for the complex plate armor of the 3 emirates.

the battle was to take place in ritherssenlt. (september-november?) at the crossroads of epona and normandy. King william's men were there, facing down only 500 equestrian plate armor knights. They were on horse back, all of them, as the normans ran to the battle and tried to get in first kills. They stood no chance. The 3 knights of the kingdoms, accompanied by the good accord, loreal of manehattan (loreal=governor?) crushed all 50,000 norman men. The cunning of lluead, ultimately won the battle. He ordered all men to stay within the castle, whilst the normans assaulted. This was to protect civilian lives from loss. How ever, the good accord suffered a lost leg within the 4 days; his leg being replaced with an armor one. Then, lluead, after 5 days, slaughtered the norman king william; gauging his eyes out with his sword, and destroying his arms, his legs, and burning the body at the stake; a sharp warning for all men who wished to hold siege to them. the good accord was pleased that his men were all amongst the living. Lluead, how ever, was situated elsewhere. He was courting the princess of the moon, luna. The two laid with each other, thus bonding them. This made celestia, empress of the solar empire, angry, for it would mean handing land to the NLR. She decided that her men would be sent off to conquer the NLR; a small island with a palace near the center. Andalusia, distracted with viking hordes to their north, took no head to this attack on friendly soil, and so did nothing to help the NLR. The NLR would have to wait for more help from the remaining anglo saxon armies, no matter how ragged they would be. This was a dangerous waiting game, and in herll (december-january?) as the snow fell, so did celestia's men to the humble Thane Lluead.

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