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Camp Half-Blood Quest: Chapter Eight

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Awaking suddenly, I found myself lying on the front deck of the boat at midnight as wind zipped about. Waves were billowing below, but they had pushed me close to the harbor.

Rubbing my sore neck, I stumbled to my feet and unsteadily steered the craft to a dock. Hastily, I searched belowdecks for anything valuable till I found a locked door. It seemed out of place, for it was unpainted and wooden. Termites had eaten away at it, and the handle was also wooden. I rammed it open, to find three long, narrow boxes sitting about five inches apart, filling up all the space in the room. I flipped open the first cardboar box to find Matthias, gagged and his clothes were nailed into the cardboard. "Matthias?" I whispered. He desperately tried to yell something out of the gag, so I tugged it off his mouth.
"Where is that freaking witch?" he snapped, and I shrugged.
"Gone. I almost killed her, but she disappeared at the last moment," I replied. "Is Janet in the other one?" He nodded. I opened up the box to find my friend unconscious, but otherwise in the same condition Matthias was. I snatched off her gag, and pinched her slightly to wake her. "Janet, wake up!" I shouted. Startled, she jumped, if you could do that when nailed into a box. I tore out the nails in her clothes and helped her out, and then went back for Matthias.
"What took you so long?" His frown showed how cross but helpless he was.
"You look so funny, I might just leave you there," I retorted.
"Seriously Keitha? Get me out of here."
After freeing Matthias, he and Janet began to exit but I walked over to the third box. "Coming?" Janet called. "We need to go-now."
"I'm going to check out this other box. Just a second," I replied.
"Keitha, it's empty! Come on!" Matthias exasperatedly grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the door but I struggled out of his grasp and threw open the flaps and gasped in utter disbelief.
"What?" my companions blurted at the same time.
"It-it's me...I mean-look," I mumbled. A girl mirrroring myself exactly lay in the container, her eyes wide open.

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