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Uh-Oh chap 1

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“Naruto! Duck!” Sakura yelled. “Yumi! Move it!”

“Got it!”they said in unison. There was an explosion and yet the enemy still remained. Team 7 stood in front of him.

He did a few really fast hand-signs, “Change jutsu!” And then he disappeared.

-later, walking from Tsunade’s office-

“I wonder what that jutsu was before he disappeared.” Sakura wondered out loud.

“I-i’ll ask my s-sisters tonight.” Yumi said.

“There’s a possibility that it could be affecting us and we could pass it onto anyone we come in contact with.” Sasuke said matter-of-factly.

"Smart-ass." Naruto mumbled and Yumi giggled. "Hey, why don't we go to Ichiraku's for dinner? Sasuke and I can pay for you two girls."

"That's so sweet Naruto." Sakura smiled. "I'm in."

"I-i can pay f-for myself, S-sasuke-san." Yumi said politely.

"No I'll do it." was all he mumbled before walking away.


"Hey guys!" Naruto shouted. Turned out all of the genin were there. He sat down and Kimiko sat on his lap.

'Hopefully Sasuke's theory isn't right.' Sakura and Yumi worried.

Sand started tickling everyone's arms, "Hello Saito." a deep voice said from behind Team 7.

"Panda-kun!" she squealed, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a bear-hug. "Ne, w-where's Onee-chan?"

"Tsunade." Kankuro and Temari sighed.

"Not anymore." Ammorie growled, "Back off Yumi. He's mine."

"Saito, remember what I said about the jutsu." Sasuke warned.

"What jutsu Sasuke-kun? And what does it have to do with Saito?" Ino asked.

Naruto answered (of course)in one breath, "We just got back from our mission which was to take care of a rogue ninja and we were fighting him and then he did these really fast hand-signs and then he said 'change jutsu!' and then he was gone!"


"D-do you know w-what it is, Nee-chan?" Yumi asked Usagi. (A/N: Ammorie is Onee-chan. Usagi is Nee-chan. Confusing I know. Even they get confused when I'm talking to them.)

"No clue." she sighed before pulling out her secret sake bottle. "Anyone know?" They all shook their heads.

"Actually, "Neji spoke up, "I do believe there is an old jutsu that caused the opponent to change genders."

Silence........and then laughter.

"Good one Neji-kun." Ten-ten giggled.

"And it affected anyone that person was around." he added.

Now there was just silence.........and then more laughter.

"Ne, w-we need to get h-home." Yumi spoke up.

"Maybe we all should." Kiba yawned. "How 'bout we all meet for training tomorrow?"

"Yeah!" came the enthusiastic reply.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about tomorrow?" Sasuke and Yumi said in unison.


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