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Uh-Oh chap 2

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Get ready for a long chapter.


"Maybe we all should." Kiba yawned. "How 'bout we all meet for training tomorrow?"

"Yeah!" came the enthusiastic reply.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about tomorrow?" Sasuke and Yumi said in unison.
End recap.

Chapter 2:

-The next morning-

Team 7-

-Sasuke wakes up-

(Sasuke's P.O.V)

Why does my shirt feel so tight? And what is tickling my face? It feels like hair.

I pushed the blankets off and, without opening my eyes, walked to the bathroom. I ran my hand through my bangs toward the back of my head, but my hand kept going....down to my waist. I rushed the rest of the way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. The person looking back at me...was a female version of me.

She had a soft face with pale skin, dark, hard eyes that seemed to look at my soul, and midnight blue/black hair that flowed to her waist. She also had, not that I was looking there, a very large chest. She had a very nice body, full with curves. I stepped away from the mirror and looked down at my own body. Why did it look like the girl's in the mirror?


"Actually, "Neji spoke up, "I do believe there is an old jutsu that caused the opponent to change genders."...

"And it affected anyone that person was around." he added.

End flashback.


-Naruto wakes up- (his P.O.V)

"Time to get up!" I mumbled to myself. I sat up and ran my hand through my short, spiky hair......But it wasn't short...or spiky. My hair was long-to my waist, very tangled, and very straight.

I ran to the full length mirror in my bathroom and stood still. The girl looking back at me! She had a nice face with full lips. Her entire body was full of curves and she had a nice size for a chest. She looked great. Her golden hair was tangled and flowed to her waist and her big blue eyes looked beautiful. I pulled out the collar of my shirt, looked down, and blushed. I'm guessing I'm the girl in the mirror.


-Sakura- (her P.O.V)

Urgh. I don't wanna get up....but Sasuke-kun's gonna be training today with the other teams...but Yumi's gonna be there too. I hate Yumi. She's not a fan-girl but she's always being nice and stuff to Sasuke-kun. What is /with/ that girl? "I don't wanna get up." Wait! Why did I sound like a guy?............."Why do I sound like a guy?" I said out loud. "Ahhhhhh!!!' Even my scream was a guy-yell! I rushed to my mirror and saw a very hot guy. He had sharp, angular features for his face, big-ish green eyes, and his pink bangs hung in his face but he still looked hot and not emo-ish. night shirt he was wearing was tight and showed the small muscles on his upper body. The white sweatpants......well I won't go there. Oh no! That's me!


-Yumi- (her P.O.V) (A/N:I'm gonna skip the other Saito sisters just to get to the others. They're just boy versions of what they looked like in their profiles.)

"Yumi get up!" a deep voice called through the door. It must Usagi's deep voice which means she's pissed. I inwardly groaned as I got up. I grabbed my clothes off the desk by the door and stumbled to the bathroom, rubbing my eyes. I closed the bathroom door and faced the mirror to fix my hair. "Ah!" I yelped. "Usagi!" Oh jeez. Why was my voice so deep and why was there a guy in the bathroom? "Usagi!"

"What?!" She's still using her deep voice which means she's still pissed.

"Something's wrong!" I opened the door and she was standing there...well...../he/ was standing there. "Who are you and what the hell are you doing in our house?!" I yelled. I must have a lot of mucus in my throat for my voice to be this deep.

The guy standing there started chuckling and then he was full out laughing.

"What's so funny?!"

"It's me. Usagi." he got out in gasps.

"What are you talking about?"

"Kusu, baka ne." (Translation: Damn, you're an idiot.)

"Am not, teme! Now what is going on?!"

"It was the jutsu that Uchiha and Hyuuga were talking about." Ammorie said...but it wasn't Ammorie. Instead it was a tall guy with short white hair with blood red and black streaks.

"J-jutsu?" I stuttered. "Uh-oh."

-Team 8-

-Hinata- (her P.O.V)

"Time to get up, Hinata-sama." one of the servants said quietly on the other side of the door. I suppressed a groan and smoothly got out of the big bed. My loose shirt was suddenly airy and my sweatpants almost fell off my hips.

'What the heck?' I thought, pulling them up. I grabbed my clothes and headed for the bathroom. I dropped them on the large sink and pulled open the shower curtain. I placed a towel on the toilet next to the bath and started adjusting the water for the shower. I undressed and stepped under the hot, pounding water. I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed some into my hand. I went to smooth it in my hair down to my waist but my hand didn't get past the back of my head. I turned to the full length mirror in the shower (only Kami knows why my dad had one in all the showers) and muffled a scream. I looked down and almost fainted.


-Shino- (his P.O.V)

I closed the bathroom door, passed the mirror, and started the shower. I undressed and stepped in. My bugs hummed contently at the warm water. But why did I feel so weird? Something was off but I didn't know what. I grabbed the soap but it slipped out of my hands. I bent down to get it but froze.

"This is unfortunate."

-Kiba- (his P.O.V)

"Kiba! Get your ass out here!" my sister yelled.

"Five more minutes." I mumbled. Why did my voice sound high-ish?

The door slammed open and Hana walked in, grabbing the top of the blanket. "You're gonna get up now!" she scolded, yanking it down. I curled up against the cold air. 'Where are you hiding Kiba and why is there a girl in your bed?!"

I sat up and glared at her,"I'm right here and there's no girl in my bed." Her eyes widened and she yelled over her shoulder.

"Mooooooommmmm!" She pulled me out of bed and placed me in front of the mirror on the back of my door.


-Ino-Shika-Cho team-

-Choji- (his P.O.V)

"Let's go Choji! You'll be late for training!" my mom called.

"Urgh." I groaned, reaching for my bag of chips from last night. I ate one as I got out of bed but stopped. The legs under the blanket were not mine. I followed them. Those hips were not mine. That thin waist was not mine. That chest was /not/ mine. I reached my hand up to the brown hair that went to about the middle of my back. That was not mine. "Uh-oh."

-Ino- (her P.O.V)

'I get to see Sasuke-kun today! Yay!!!!' I thought as I got out of bed. 'Too bad Yumi's going to be there. B****. (Yumi sneezes.) That girl needs to get her thoughts straight.' I walked to my closet and pulled out my summer outfit. It was a purple halter top that hugged my curves and a mini-fighting skirt. (A/N: She doesn't really have much you know. No offence to Ino-lovers.)

I pulled them on and looked in the mirror. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

-Shikamaru- (his P.O.V)

I slammed my hand down on the annoying alarm clock and opened my eyes. Why did that hand look like a woman's hand? It was too long and soft and slender to be mine. I pushed the blanket aside and looked down. I had gone to bed in only boxers with sweatpants. Now I regret it. "Uh-oh."

-Team Gai-

-Lee- (his P.O.V)

'Time to get up and go for my morning jog around Konoha.......100 times!' I thought, getting up. I kept my eyes closed, challenging myself in my own home. I grabbed my normal clothes and got dressed. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, eyes still closed, and stood in front of the mirror. When I was finsihed I finally opened my eyes and smiled, giving myself a thumbs-up. I paused though....I looked different. My hair was more girl-ish and so was my face. I pulled out the collar of my shirt and a nosebleed started. 'I'm a girl.'I thought before I passed out.

-Neji-(his P.O.V)

"Time to awake Neji-sama." one of the many servants said quietly.

"I am up."I sighed. I sat up and I immediately sensed something was wrong. I used Byakugan but there was nothing different in my surroundings. I tried to ignore it and headed to the shower. I could hear Hinata's shower turn on and then a gasp. There was a thud. I shook my head as I thought of how clumsy she was. I turned the water on and undressed. The air was suddenly very cold around the chest area and I looked down.

Oh.....That's what was wrong. I hastly grabbed a towel and inwardly growled. "Just great."

-Ten-ten- (her P.O.V)

I blinked my eyes open and groaned. I had been dreaming about Neji again and of course I had to wake up just before he kissed me. Heavy, dramatic sigh. I slipped out of bed and walked to the mirror on the back of the bedroom door. I looked and immediately grabbed a kunai. (You don't wanna know where from.) I held it in front of me and the guy did the same. Oh crap.....That was me.

"Uh-oh." There goes my chance with Neji.

-The Sand Siblings-

-Temari- (her P.O.V)

This is not good. This is not good. This is not good! I continued my mental rant as I looked in the mirror. I lifted the night shirt up and still only saw abs and pecs. I smoothed it back down and I sighed. Then I suddenly perked up. 'I'm a guy.......But do I have....?' I pulled open my sweatpants and blushed. 'Yeah. I have it.'

"Wait." I said out loud. Even my voice sounded /nice/. "That means...." 'Kankuro and Gaara.' "Uh-oh."

-Kankuro- (his P.O.V)

'This is so awesome.' I thought, shaking my hips. My new /very/ curvy hips. I peeked down my shirt and started 'guy-giggling'......but it sounded like a 'school-girl-giggling'. I pulled open my boxer shorts and peeked in. I started giggling again as I blushed. I also had other parts in place of other parts. "This is great." (A/N:Pervert...Wait. I'm the one typing him like this!)

-Gaara- (his P.O.V)

I hate this. I absolutely hate this. "I gotta tell Naruto." I said out loud and flinched at how girl-ish it was. I looked in the mirror again. I may look like a girl but I still had my guy mind and I had to admit I didn't look that bad...Okay. I looked hot. I stood up straight, pulled my shoulders back, and noticed out that brought my chest out. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and stuck my right hip to the side. Then I noticed how really girly I looked....and also how easy it was for me....



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