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Winter's Eyes, Chapter 5

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Sasuke walked into the school slowly, taking his time and not worrying about the screaming kids around him. His mind was preoccupied; he was busy thinking about his new… friends. It felt weird calling them that, but Sasuke was sure that's what they were. He had been surprised when Naruto first talked to him, and he was still curious about those whisker- like scars on his face even though Naruto had just brushed them off. Sasuke had agreed to sit with Naruto since he didn't want to bother trying to find somewhere else and be annoyed by everyone else.

Naruto was pretty annoying sometimes since he was always talking, but for some reason Sasuke didn't mind. Then Naruto had introduced him to Hinata, and his curiosity had grown upon seeing the blind girl. They certainly are a strange pair, Sasuke thought, and together we're an even weirder trio. A kid accidentally knocked into him, and Sasuke sent him a deadly glare. The boy stuttered a quick apology before rushing off. Sasuke adjusted his bag and continued walking, now aware of people looking at him strangely. He ignored them; what did it matter what they were thinking? He had his secrets, and they had theirs. Just then someone else bumped into him and he turned to send another glare.

Sasuke stopped short when his eyes fell on Hinata, whose face was bright red.

"S-Sorry," she whispered so quietly that he had trouble hearing it. Sasuke adjusted his bag again.

"Fine," he said shortly. Hinata paused a moment.

"S-Sasuke?" she asked. He looked down at her in surprise for a moment before turning away.

"Yeah," he said. Hinata went quiet and together they walked silently down the hallway. Someone bumped into Hinata and Sasuke sent them a glare, making them run away. All of this was missed by Hinata, who was used to being knocked over or pushed, accidentally or otherwise.

"How long have you met Naruto?" Sasuke suddenly asked. It wasn't usually like him to make conversation, but he couldn't help but be interested. Hinata jumped a bit before blushing and ducking her head.

"J-Just a few d-days," she whispered, "H-He helped me find m-my walking stick…" Sasuke dug his hands into his pockets thoughtfully and it was quiet again. It seemed that, though he was annoying, Naruto was a pretty nice guy, no matter if he seemed like he had a lot of secrets or not.

Right then Sasuke spotted a girl with long blond hair standing by her locker. Her blue eyes were somber as she began tying a bandana over her hair. He didn't know why she stood out so much, but Sasuke felt that she had a lot of secrets. Since when am I obsessed with people's secrets? He thought. Before he came here, he didn't care about anyone. Sasuke glanced down at the small blind girl at his side. Maybe it's this girl, Hinata, and that guy Naruto. They just have a way of… getting to people. Sasuke looked back up at the blond girl.

Her friend, a girl with strange pink hair that stood at the blonde's side, noticed him looking and sent him an icy glare with bright green eyes. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her, and the girl's eyes hardened. As they got closer, the girl stepped in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. Sasuke grabbed Hinata's arm and pulled her back before she ran into her.

"Is there a problem?" the girl growled. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her.

"Is there?" he asked. The girl practically hissed at him, and he could have sworn he saw steam coming from her ears.

"Stop staring at Ino, you as-"

"Sakura," the blond, who Sasuke was assuming was Ino, said as she placed a hand on her friend's shoulder. The one named Sakura reluctantly turned away from Sasuke to look at her friend.

"It's fine," Ino told her with a slight smile before turning to Sasuke and Hinata, "I'm sorry about her. She's kind of overprotective." Sasuke simply nodded while Sakura resumed glaring at him. Ino glanced at Hinata and paused.

"So what's your name?" she asked Sasuke, looking at him and continuing to glance at Hinata.

"Sasuke," he answered, "this is Hinata." Ino nodded and smiled a bit.

"Nice to meet you, Hinata," she called. Hinata jumped a bit at the mention of her name and ducked her head, nodding a bit. Ino's smile grew a little before she turned back to Sasuke.

"Well, I'll see you around, I guess," she said, and gave him a wave before pulling Sakura away, who gave him one last glare before complying and disappearing into the crowd. Sasuke watched after them for a moment before starting to walk, tugging on Hinata's sleeve a bit so she knew he was leaving. Hinata followed him silently for a moment.

"W-What was that a-about?" she asked quietly. Sasuke dug his hands in his pockets again.

"Nothing," he told her shortly, "That Sakura girl is just really protective of her friends." Hinata nodded her understanding and they fell into silence once again.

At lunch they sat outside with Naruto again, who asked how their day had gone. Sasuke was quiet about what had happened until Hinata mentioned it. Naruto frowned and turned to Sasuke.

"What happened in the hallway?" he asked interestedly. Sasuke sighed before recalling the story, and Naruto was silent for a minute before shrugging.

"Well, I guess I kind of understand being a little overprotective of the people you care about," he said thoughtfully, "But getting mad just because someone is looking at them is a bit… weird." Sasuke shrugged. They settled into silence once again before the bell rang and they went their separate ways.

Naruto walked down the hallway slowly before spotting two girls by a locker. One of them had long blond hair and was bent over crying, while the other, a girl with strange pink hair, kneeled over her and tried to comfort her. The pink haired girl suddenly looked up and sent him a glare. Naruto glanced at the blond girl before looking back at the pink one.

She seemed surprised by the understanding in his eyes before Naruto turned away, deciding to take another route to class.


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