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READ THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!! This is the character sort-of profile for the Saito sisters in a lot of my stories but mostly now for 'Uh-oh'. Don't flame the names!

-Usagi Himaro
- previously known as Usagi Saito

- oldest

- earth bender/earth style jutsu

- [weapon] three bladed staff-bottom blade has curved spikes to hold and rip the opponent and the other two blades are serrated

- dirty blond hair just past her shoulders with blood red streaks

- amethyst purple eyes that change to Sharingan

- tight black shirt with baggy black pants and chains

- [noticed by her] dark, heavy eyeliner/ multiple ear piercings

-Kimiko Saito-
- second youngest

- fire bender/ fire style jutsu

- [weapon] double katanas that join with her fire bending and can get white hot-burning the opponent as well as cutting them

- black hair to her knees and it has a red shine in the sunlight

- blood red eyes that just switch to Sharingan

- a green tube top with normal shinobi pants

- [noticed by her] Japanese character tattoo of 'Death' on her left shoulder

-Ammorie no Kaze-
- previously known as Ammorie Saito

- second oldest

-air bender/air style jutsu

- [weapon] air/ anything that she's hidden under her clothes/ bloodline

- white hair to her elbows with blood red and black streaks

- [eyes are covered by bandages so basically nobody knows what they look like except for the youngest accident] [what her exact bloodline is is also unknown]

- a long sleeve black shirt with hanging sleeves and normal shinobi pants (she has a lot of weapons hidden underneath)

- [noticed by her] deadly aura

-Yumi Saito-

- youngest

-water bender/water style jutsu

- [weapon] whip or katana that both join with her water bending

- black hair to her waist with silver streaks

- blue with ocean-water green and storm-cloud grey shards that go to Byakugan or Sharingan

- white halter top with white shinobi pants

- [noticed by her] black shoulder bag/ whip on her hip

-Toki Saito- [unknown whereabouts after the first Saito massacre]

- [unknown age placement]

- forest girl [unknown element or style]

- [weapon] vine whip/ fangs or extremely sharp canines with her claw-like nails [unknown actual weapon]

- tree brown hair with different shades of green streaks

- golden with silver and black shards [unknown bloodline abilities and extent]

- dark green tank top with baggy (army) camouflage pants

- [noticed by her] dog/ wolf or animalistic look

-Ashi Saito-[unknown whereabouts after her sixteenth birthday]

- [unknown age placement]

- lightning/ darkness

- [weapon] 'vampire'-like teeth [unknown actual weapon]

- short,spiked black hair with purple tips

- 'blind' white that changes to Byakugan [extent of abilities unknown]

- white tank top with baggy black pants and chains

- [noticed by her] pale skin/ vampire look

Read the author's note, very important.

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