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Winter's Eyes, Chapter 3: New

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Hinata tapped her way out of the school, stopping when her walking stick met air where the curb dropped off. She took a few steps back and stood patiently for a while. Teens shouted all around her, making plans with each other and promising to see each other tomorrow. Hinata couldn’t help but wonder if Naruto was making plans with his friends when suddenly someone grabbed her elbow.

“Hinata.” Hinata relaxed when she recognized her cousin Neji’s cold voice. She allowed him to pull her across the street, and she heard him open a car door before helping her inside. The familiar smell of leather and perfume reached her nose as Neji closed the door behind her and she heard him climb into the front seat.

“Hey, Hinata!” the cheery voice of Neji’s girlfriend, Tenten, reached her ears. Hinata gave a small smile in return, whispering a slight hello. She felt the car start to move and leaned her head against the window, closing her eyes as she listened to the others talk. The glass was warm, so she could tell it was sunny outside. Hinata found herself wondering what Naruto was doing. She shook her head. Why did she keep on thinking about him? Well, he was the only person who had been nice to her in who knew how long, and he was just so different from the others… She wondered what he thought of her… Probably thought she was a freak and just felt bad for her. Hinata felt a sharp pain in her heart, but she knew it was better than what would come later if she allowed herself to think she actually had a friend.

Naruto dug his hands deep in his pockets, walking slowly down the sidewalk. He was pretty far from the school, so the yelling had disappeared and he was left with his thoughts in silence. For some reason, he couldn’t get Hinata off his mind. Why did she come to this school? If she went to another school, one for people that were blind, she would be treated a lot better. So why here? Naruto shook his head. He couldn’t understand her at all. She was extremely shy and mistrusting, yet she had some sort of toughness about her he just couldn’t describe. He sighed and looked up just in time to see a guy about his age walking towards him. The boy had jet black hair and his hands were deep in his pockets, his eyes turned to the ground. Naruto paused a second, debating. After a moment he stepped forward, intercepting the guy.

“Hey,” he greeted cheerily, though somewhat cautiously. The other teen looked up at him with black eyes matching his hair and raised an eyebrow.
“Do you go to the Leaf?” Naruto asked. This was the nick name people had given the high school. The black haired teen shrugged.
“I guess,” he muttered, “I just moved here.”
“Oh,” Naruto said in surprise, and then grinned, “Well I’m Naruto, nice to meet ya!” The other boy raised an eyebrow but took Naruto’s outstretched hand and shook it.
“Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha.”

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