A Memory : The Hunger Games

January 9, 2011
By , Memphis, TN, TN
He wrapped his arms around me, and for the first time I felt entirely safe. The warmth that radiated from his skin inside the sleeping bag kept us from freezing in this frigid air. Obviously this is a creation of the Game Makers. Peeta put his warm soft lips to my good ear. “Glad we get to keep each other warm.” My thoughts are still unclear about how I feel about Peeta. I know that he is only a friend, if that. As I felt Peeta's breath against my skin, I thought of Gale. A memory reappeared in my mind.

We were perched high up in a tree, one with many thick branches. He sat with his legs stretched out across the braches. I sat with my bow ready to shoot if I saw any game. Gale was looking at my hair, thick and dark. I put my bow down, seeing as today was not a good hunting day. Yet, it was a very hollow day. I couldn't get the thoughts of food out of my mind. Maybe we could go to the Hob later and trade some spices or medicine for a groosling. I feel a hand reach underneath my arm, around my chest, pulling me towards Gale. His arms around me, holding me. With a quick movement, he threw my body on top of his. I looked straight into his gray eyes, and I knew that something interesting was about to happen. “Do you love me?” I didn't know how to reply when he looks along my face. I can see him studying my every detail, with precision. He stops, putting to fingers around my chin, as if to hold my face. Then he pulls me into him. A deep, slow kiss. One I never would've expected from Gale. I close my eyes, trying to enjoy this kiss. I couldn't though, it wasn't right. Gale was supposed to be my best friend, not my boyfriend. I wanted to look him straight into the eyes and tell him I don't want children, and I don't want to be married. Instead, I lean back into him for another kiss. Then another. I finally hear a strange singing. A mockingjay flies over head, and I know that something terribly wrong has just happened.

Reminiscing the memory, I find myself coming back from a trance. I find myself with my nose against Peeta's lips. I know the Capitol is eating this romance up, just like they eat their precious dishes. I want to make this as convincing as possible. I lift myself up, pulling my face up so that I am looking directly into his eyes. He looks at me, and I give him a soft easy kiss. Any girls that are watching are obviously envious. I let the words simmer on my tongue like hot peppers for a moment. Then they spill out. “I love you, Peeta Mellark.”

I fall into a deep sleep, almost as soon as I say the words. I don't know how long I sleep, but when I wake up, I don't see Peeta. There are blood spots on the sleeping bag where he would've been laying. I look down, and see him there. Peeta Mellark, lying there. That's when I see Cato and Thresh running towards the tree I am in. My only escape is to jump from tree to tree, from the tactics that Rue taught me. On the inside, I know what I said isn't true. I don't really love Peeta. It's all for the show, right? But in me, deep within me, I feel someone telling me to go down to the bottom of the tree. Risk your life for someone you know you really care about. I hear Cato and Thresh getting nearer, closing in on me and Peeta. I grab my bow, and the eight arrows I have left and begin to shoot. The arrows deflect, almost as though they have an invisible armor. Then I realize, they're not here to kill me. They're here to kill Peeta.

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