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the begining became the end

Destruction of Family

“No matter what, don’t come out. If you want to live then you will listen to me just this once. I love you.” That is the last memory of my mother’s face before she threw me in the basement to protect me. It is something I shall remember as long I as I live. I feel violently down the stairs. I may not be human but sure did hurt a lot.

My name is Chi, to the best of my knowledge I am the last of my kind. My black wings are very long and pretty. Along with that, I have inhuman features and abilities. I have been in this city for forty years and I still look like a sixteen year old. I think I have immortality because I do not age.

I could hear the yelling or the humans, they were getting closer to me yelling vicious things that made me afraid. (I don’t like humans that much. I only have love for my human mother.) Then I could hear my human mother yelling “Don’t touch my daughter. She is all I have left in this world.” She sounded like she was in pain. They were torching her; I could not do anything about it. Then, there was silence I could not hear a stir. I could not even hear the vicious humans any more. I started to cry, “She’s dead, and it’s their fault. They can do what they want to me, but not my dear mother”

I slumped down to the wet floor. What did that poor woman do to deserve this? Something was building up in me like an unbearable pain. I have never felt this way before. My mind was cloudy with dark thoughts. I couldn’t think strait things were too unclear. I stood up and slid off my long black jacket. My body was moving on instinct now. All I knew was that whatever was going to happen will happen without my control. My long black wings spread out from one end of the basement to the other. My long hair came flowing down to my back. I felt this blood lust it was uncontrollable hunger for blood. I could not control this transformation. It felt like my throat was on fire it was calling out for blood.

A flash back of my mother’s plead for me to stay in the basement flooded through my thoughts. Something inside me snaps I was out of my mind. My wings fluttered and I busted through the floor. I had never flown before. I went to the living room saw my mother’s blood all over the floor and her dying face looked in pain. That made me angrier. My wings fluttered as I flew into the sky I could see those pitiful humans. They looked so happy of what they had just done. A man looked back to the sound of me bursting through the roof. “Look there is that thing there in the sky.” The mob looked up in shock.

I could not control my mouth once I saw them. I did not even recognize my own voice. “How dare you filthy humans touch my dear mother?” They all looked at me in shock. Then the man closes to me said “You do not have the right to call that filthy woman in there your mother. You’re not even human.” I look at him with stager in my eyes. “Define human. What is it that you call human? I can eat, sleep and feel emotion just like the rest of you. The only difference is that your heartless and can’t have sense enough to tell up from down.” Then there was silence they did not know how to response to such truths. Then a man with a jumper on stepped forward and said “You are a low life and you don’t compare us to you. You shall never be one of use no matter how much you try to fit in.” there was no reasoning with these humans. I remembered my mother pale face with blood all around her… then everything went blank…

When I came to realization to what was going on I was already in the middle of the humans with every one of them dead. Not living soul breathing. What did I do? I was so happy at what I done but yet I was sad at the same time. I felt like one of those filthy humans. I killed for no reason. I ran to the river bank and washed off all the blood. It was all gone but I could still feel it there. Blood everywhere I went crazy. From that point on I knew that I could never go back nor be called human ever again.

New Home

After the incident with my mother I knew that I had to get away from that place. I didn’t know where I was headed but I knew anywhere was better than here. Once they found all those dead body’s there they’d definitely be coming for me. As I washed once more to clean the filth I notice that I had been five miles south of my house. Most likely I had about 5 more hours until sunrise.

I wondered around the forest until I found a nice cave to sleep in. I felt so low; the humans push so far to the point that I had to sleep outside. It started to rain. All I could do is cry not for me but for my mother.

I remember forty years ago when I first met her. When I think of it, it was a day just like this. It was cold and raining outside. I was sitting under a branch that had fallen. I don’t remember anything beyond that day.

This lady came to me and said, “Young lady why do you sit in the rain.” I looked up to her and she looked very common. I wonder why she did not have wings as I did. “Lady Cans you not talk to me.” I said looking at her. She sat down next to me. There was no talking between the two of us we just sat there.

It past about an hour and then I started crying. I don’t know why, but my body was reacting by itself. The lady next to me just patted my head and said, “There, There little girl there’s no need to cry.” I don’t understand this lady why is she so nice I don’t know her. “Why don’t I look like you? We are so different looking.” I looked at her through the strands of my wet hair. “I don’t know are you human” she said. “Human! What is a human? If I don’t look as you do then I must not be one. What am I then if not human?” she looked at me “To be honest I can’t answer your question. Only time can answer that.” She looked at me then she pulled my head over to her shoulder. “To me if you eat, sleep, and feel emotion then you’re human. Not everyone thinks that way.” I wonder what she is getting at. It’s raining and yet she is taking the time to console me. “Little girl, what is your name?” I looked at her then at the sky. “My name is Chi; I don’t know anything else when I came to. I…” She cut me off before I could finish talking. “Slow down. Ok Chi we have all the time in the world to figure this out. By the way what does Chi mean I never heard of that kind of name before?” I suddenly looked at her. I wonder if she will run away if I told her what my name meant.

I stood up and took her hand. “ Lady my name means blood. That is all i can tell you something deep inside me tells me that its Japanese." She looked at me in shock all i can think was that she was going to run away. " Well now who would give u such a terrible name that is a very harsh thing to do." I looked at her in shock this lady continues to shock me with her reactions. " If you don't mind me asking What is your name? I guess its kind of rude to keep calling you lady." She giggled and then says " My name is Grace but you can call me mom." Wow her name is so beautiful " Umm Grace What does Mom mean it sounds familiar." she look at me like i was crazy." Chi how could you not know what mom means? It a the woman figure in your life that loves and take care of you." I looked at her, did this mean she was to care for me and i could look up to her." Dose that mean Chi can look up to you and love you?" she smiled again "Yes of course you can. You can also come live with me"

I could hear the humans in the distant. I guess this is no time to be thinking about the past. I stood out in the rain and then i ran. Why did it have to be her she was nothing but a angel i loved her so dearly. She did care for me for forty years and taught me how to be human. She gave me a home to live in she was my everything and they took away the only thing i had. I just ran and didnt stop....

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erla123 said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 12:29 am:
Ericka I am soooo very proud of you and i hope you will keep writing.... i love you... xxoxxo
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CFajardo011 said...
Jan. 7, 2010 at 1:46 pm:
I love your story BESTIE! Keep writing, you know I love your style...Love Claudia
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ryia4393 said...
Jan. 7, 2010 at 1:44 pm:
omg... awesum story i luv how she wants to defend her mom
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