The Plant Fairy

March 21, 2018
By Anonymous

It was just like any other day in Fairy Ville when something horrible had

happened. Fairy Ville is a little town full of all kinds of Fairies with different talents

hidden in the Royal Meadows. In Fairy Ville there was one special fairy the the word

would not be able to go on without. This little fairy was special because she was the

only fairy in the world that had the magic to keep the plants alive. Her name was Emelia


Emelia was such a smart fairy. The whole town adored her. She always made

everyone happy. She was the light of the town. No one was ever able to make her mad

because she was such a happy spirit, except for her best friend Alex. Alex knew just

how to get on her last nerve. He knew just how to push her buttons. Just by doing the

smallest things.

He was the town’s most handsome fairy. He was such a nice fairy everyone. You

could say the harshest thing there was to say to him and he wouldn’t have a

attitude or talk back, he would always reply with a compliment. He could make everyone

laugh, his jokes would never bore anyone. When he’d tell a joke you’d always hear

someone laugh. The only thing about Alex was he not only knew how to push Emelia’s

buttons, he also knew how to push everyone in Fairy Ville’s buttons.

Mostly everyday he would get annoying to everyone. Sometimes he’d push your

buttons on purpose. Emelia didn’t think there was anything wrong with him being

annoying but she did have to learn how to deal with it every day because that’s when

they see each other. No one knew how she did it. But the truth was Emelia was always

in love with alex since the moment they first spoke. She adored him. She would do

anything to keep him happy. But Emelia never wanted to tell Alex how she really felt

about him because she was afraid she would sacrifice their friendship and lose him

forever.  Little did she knew Alex felt the same exact way. They were really good at

hiding the way they felt about each other. Well one day in Fairy Ville, everything that

usually happens was going on. Well at least that’s how it seemed. Inside the great big

oak tree was the heart of all plants. It was placed there because the fairies intended to

hide it forever and kept safe. They hid it away right after Emelia’s last living relative past

away. Since Emelia was the last plant Fairy they wanted to try to keep the heart safe

before Emelia was to die so that the plants would still survive without a plant fairy.

         The baby squirrels were playing and found their way inside the tree and accidently

tore a piece of the heart off. Back at Alex’s house Emelia was helping him do some

laundry. When everyone started screaming and running in panic outside. Emelia

stepped out of the house and asked what was going on. The other fairies then told her

the situation. Emelia didn’t know what else to do but to take action. And fast. She flew all

around Fairy Ville sprinkling her fairy dust all over the plants. But that was not working it

keeps the plants alive for 30 minutes then they started to die again.

Emelia wandered away from Alex and ended up getting lost. She didn’t know

what else to do but to retrace her steps. And so she did for a few minutes until she

noticed she had been going in circles. When alex realized Emelia was missing he

instantly looked for her and shouted her name. Emelia was hopeless and thought she

wouldn't be found. So she sat down helplessly crying about how she’d never get to

confess her love for Alex out loud.

Alex  then heard a cry he was familiar with and went closer to the noise. As he

got closer he heard how much she loved him. When everything processed through his

brain he ran up to her and told her how much she meant to him and how he felt the

same exact way. Then they kissed. Emelia then knew exactly how to fix the problem.

Without one word or explanation Emelia bounced up and flew as fast as she

could to the heart of all plants and sprinkled her fairy dust on it. At first nothing was

happening then in less than 2 minutes all the plants came back to live and there was no

more problems. The two fairies then moved in together and lived happy for the rest of

their lives.

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