A Night toRemember

February 12, 2018
By Kamie SILVER, White House, Texas
Kamie SILVER, White House, Texas
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On my last week of high school, my teacher announced that the whole senior class was going on a field trip to Las Vegas for an entire week. And the jewelry we sold throughout the year was to raise the money for it.
When we got to Las Vegas, we checked into our hotel rooms then we were free until dinner. As me, Ruby Scarlett, and my friends were walking around Vegas, we noticed a wedding at some casino, a tiger attacking a lion tamer and a skydiving kangaroo! “Vegas was insanely awesome!” we all said in unison, or so we thought until we saw someone being buried alive! We were about to get the police when we realized it was just a street magic act. My friends and I were so freaked out, we decided to go back to the hotel.
On our way back, we saw a delivery man poison what looked like a wedding cake. So we followed the cake and the man to the wedding. Just as the happy newlyweds were about to eat the cake, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “STOP!” Everyone at the wedding stopped what they were doing and looked directly at me. I said, “I know you don’t know me but please drop your forks.” Confused, everyone put their forks down, then the bride walks up to me and asks, “Why drop our forks?” My response was, “Because whoever delivered that cake poisoned it!” The groom said,” My step-brother made and delivered that cake.” I said, “Let me prove it.” I took a bite of cake then waited but nothing happened.
The groom said, “See my step-brother would…” He stopped speaking when I grab my throat and collapse to the ground. I couldn’t breathe. My friends started crying and screamed, “Someone help! Please call an ambulance!” At once, everyone at the wedding grabbed out their phones and started dialing. By the time the ambulance got there, I had to struggle just to keep my eyes open. I gave up struggling and closed my eyes.
When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital dress next to a hospital bed. I saw my mom, Olivia Scarlett, my dad, Drake Scarlett, and my twin sister, Jewel Scarlett, next to the bed crying. I looked to see who was in the bed and it was me! The doctor came in and said, “We were able to get the poison out of her system but she is now in a coma.” My mom said,” Isn’t there anything else you can do doctor?” The doctor said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Scarlett, but she is lucky to be alive at all! She had so much poison in her system that she should have died as soon as she ate that cake! Your daughter has a true guardian angel watching over her. Oh, by the way, the couple she saved would like to talk with you.”
Having said that the doctor left and then the newlyweds came in and said, “We are so sorry for not believing her! She might have been a stranger but she had no reason to lie. She could have ignored what she saw. Your daughter risked her life to save the life of hundreds of strangers. You raised her very well, Mr. and Mrs. Scarlett. I will make sure her heroism is never forgotten.” My mom said, “Ruby is always one of those people who are always thinking of others before herself.”
After 2 months of being in a coma, I woke up to see my sister sleeping in a chair next to my bed, my dad on the floor next to my sister and my mom sleeping on the floor next to me while holding my hand. I squeeze my mom’s hand gently enough to wake her up. When she wakes up, she starts crying so loud that dad and Jewel wake up and start crying too. After a week, I was able to go back home with my family.
Friday night, I was watching TV with everyone when of my friends called me, said “Turn on the TV to channel 9. And hurry!”, then hung up. I quickly changed the channel to 9. On Tv, was the couple I saved! The host asked the couple, “So Tiffany and Dylan, how was the wedding!” Tiffany said, “It was a great ceremony but the cake not so much!” The host said, “Oh, but the cake is supposed to be the best part!” Tiffany said, “As we were just about to take a bite of our cake, these girls, I believe they were high schoolers, come running through the doors screaming at us to drop our forks.” The host asked, “So what did you do?” Tiffany said,” We were all confused but we all dropped our forks. When I asked why one of girls said, ‘because whoever delivered your cake, poisoned it.’ Dylan and I didn’t believe her so she took a bite of the cake.”
The host said,” Wait, even though she said it was poisoned she ate the cake?” Tiffany said, “Yes. So this girl took a bite of cake and perfectly fine for the next ten seconds or so. Then she grabs her throat and collapses to the ground. She was rushed to a hospital immediately. The doctors said after they got all the poison out of her, she went into a coma. She was in that coma for 2 months! The doctors said that she had so much poison in her system that she was lucky to be alive at all! I heard from her family a few days ago saying that she is doing much better and is now back home.”
The host said, “Does this heroic high school student have a name?” Dylan said, “The teenager who risked her life to save not just us but our three hundred guests is Ruby Blaze Scarlett!” As soon as Dylan said my name, my picture came up on the screen behind him. Dylan said, “Ruby was ready to sacrifice herself for complete strangers! So Ruby, if you are watching, I want to thank you and say that was the bravest thing I have ever seen anyone do. Thank you and good night.”

The author's comments:

I came up with this story using a brainstorming chart... Draw a chart with three columns. Label them plot, character, and setting... You can have asmany rows as you want... And just start filling it in... Mix-n-match the columns!

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