The Dog and the Cat

January 29, 2018
By Anonymous

  The owner, and his Dog are very close, they do everything together that are possible. The owner have to go to work to earn cash, so the understanding Dog always wait for him to come home from work everyday by the doorstep. Oneday the owner have a job change to be a soldier in the U.S Army due to the shortage of soldiers for World War 3. The owner give the Dog to his parents to take care of. His parents have a Cat, so they are worried that they won´t get along. Still despite all that, the Dog still wait by the doorstep for his owner to return.


  The Cat sees the Dog, and wonder why he cares about his owner so much, so the Cat says to the Dog,´´Hey Dog, why do you wait for your owner to return, and not enjoy life?´´. The Dog says back,´´I always wait my owner to return home everyday, so why should it be different this time?´´. The Cat says,´´You know waiting by the doorstep is not going to make your owner come back any faster, right? This is why you should do something else beside waiting like joining me in chasing rats around the house, it´ll be more worth of your time´´. The Dog sadly look back at the Cat, and the Cat can tell that means no.


  The Cat watch the Dog for days, worried about him, and always let food out for him, so that he won´t starve. The Cat decide to to give it one more chance to get the Dog to loose it up. The Cat says, ´´Dog, your owner won´t be happy to see you like this´´. The Dog says back,´´My owner is not here for you to say that!´´. Signing, the Cat give up again after many different try.


  As weeks back by, and the seasons change, World War 3 is over. The Dog is stay at the doorstep, he is now very old as years have past by. The Cat look at the Dog with the pity, then the Cat says,´´I hear news from my own owners that your master dead in the field of battle, so do you want to stop staying by the doorstep, now?´´. The Dog say,´´I feel like I lost alot of time to get to know you, who has been kind to me, and I´m sorry about that´´. The Cat smile, and said,´´That's all right, I guess we could still make up over the time we time´´.


  There are many lessons that people learned a bit too late. Everyone should know that time is limited, and they should make the most of their life, for their own sake, and not anyone else's sake. This is the most important lesson in life, since time is the only free thing everyone has, when they are born, that may have been used unwisely.

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