January 23, 2018
By Belle510 BRONZE, Gansevoort , New York
Belle510 BRONZE, Gansevoort , New York
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I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful place on earth. The things
around me looked brighter, sharper, more colorful. Where was it? Where was I? I could feel the warmth bouncing off my skin, my pale soft skin soaking up as much as it allowed. Looking up at the green trees, the vibrant yellow and red flowers surrounding me. My mind and my body were soaking up as much of it as it allowed. My skin was starting to turn a soft pink, my eyes were getting blinded by all the bright things around. My ears were filled with buzzing and chirping noises. My nose couldn't take anymore of the smell of the sweet freshly pollinated air. It was just so peaceful, I never wanted to leave.

The author's comments:

When reading this piece just imagine a place real or fake! Wouldn't you want to be in a place like this?

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