A Training Experience

October 10, 2017
By JaydeDragon BRONZE, Greer, South Carolina
JaydeDragon BRONZE, Greer, South Carolina
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Julian sat cross legged on the edge of his seat staring at the chalk board. The so called words that his teacher were writing consisted of numerical symbols and latin scriptures. None of it made any sense. And since it didn’t make sense Julian just decided to think elsewhere. Off into the dreamy night skies and blurry white feathers his mind began to float.
   He stepped onto a rail track and looked out into the abyss of sadness. There was no colorful breeze and no mahogany track signs. Everywhere he looked there was nothing. Just an endless tunnel of sorrow that consumed his very being.
   Tears welled up in Julian’s eyes as he felt soft winds encase around him. It was almost as if his long lost happiness was coming back. The warm but subtle touches reminded him of his mother. He wanted to know the reason of why she had to leave and he had to stay. But the wind stopped and his mind went blank once again.
   Then he heard it. The train in the far off distance slowly making its way towards his lone figure. The screeching of wheels trying to halt to a stop was deafening but, it was too late. His body was crushed and he felt all of its might upon his back.
Suddenly, Julius shot up like a bullet from his seat. Pain coursed down his spine and through to his rib cage. It took a few tries before he was finally able to catch his breath. Everyone else in the class stared at him in awe and laughed at his reaction to the book landing between his shoulder blades.
   Julius could hear the teacher’s quick footsteps coming towards him. And his sharp hisses which were directed towards the student in the desk beside him. Someone had hit him. Maybe it was a joke gone wrong… Or maybe it was a cruel punishment for his lack of attentiveness.
   “Are you ok?” the teacher asked, her voice low and prickling. Julius could tell that she was trying to not yell.
   “My back really hurts,” Julius moaned. And he slowly sat upright, slipping his feet down below his desk. Needles plunged in and out of his shoulders in riveting lined motion.
   “Come on sweety,” breathed Mrs. Lanwest, “Let’s get you to the nurse.” And she helped Julius out of his seat. The boy next to him sneered and grinned in glee at his handy work. “Mister Crowe! Hallway, now!” Mrs. Lanwest commanded. Julius had never seen anybody snap their mood and body into one of amazement that fast before. But it wasn’t that surprising considering how she rarely ever yelled or got upset.
   Julius walked to the door slowly, glancing back at Ethan Crowe as he got chewed out by Mrs. Lanwest. It had to be by far the best scene he had ever witnessed but, laughing was practically impossible at this point. He kept his back bowed and stepped out into the lonely hallway. The only place in Montoly High that stayed quiet basically every second of everyday. It was almost unsettling.
   As Julius walked he began to hear a screeching noise. It sounded familiar but, he couldn’t quite place where he had heard it before. The noise started to get louder and he cupped his ears, collapsing to the floor in a balled up pile. The sounds of nails scraping on a chalk board and hissing cats combined into an agonizing headache. Something was very wrong.
   He tried to get up off the floor but couldn’t. His body swelled over into a panic and paralysis took over. The expression of pain he once held turned to a grimace. He starde in awe as the whole building began to quiver in fright. It too could hear and feel the sensations of the awful screeching. And then he saw it. From the corner of Julius’ eye came a bright light. He screamed out for help and everything went pitch black.
   The once loving embrace of his mother in a dream vanished. This was no good dream… This was reality. A stabbing knife of truth and realization. Only now, it was too little too late for him to realize. Dreams do come true… But not always in the way that the dreamer wishes.

The author's comments:

Simply put, reality inspired me to write this article. 

I hope people can grasp the deep connection through my work, even though it is typically fiction. There is no fact to put because, imagination is what takes over lets the words flow. Something that more people need to use in order to understand reality.

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