August 17, 2017
By Gcorson BRONZE, Biglerville, Pennsylvania
Gcorson BRONZE, Biglerville, Pennsylvania
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“Monsters are real, they live inside us, and sometimes… ”


PLSHCKBLEH! Broken glass covered the floor, and gave Ellie a new cut for every piece she stepped on. Now not only glass was on the floor, but blood too. The sharp pain in her feet didn’t matter though. She had to fight! Forget the broken mirror, forget the open gash in her head that probably needed stitches, forget the fact grandma would be mad at her for creating such a mess, and for having to pay medical expenses, just forget it all.

She had to stay focused. If she lost it would kill her, and move onto another unsuspecting victim, or at least that’s what she thought.

Ellie, who was too wrapped up in her own struggle, didn’t realize she was headed straight for a dead end.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! “ Without a warning, she fell right out the two-story window of grandma’s house. CRASH!


“...and sometimes, they win.”


Ellie awoke to the sound of the steady beep from her hospital monitor. The room’s window gave her a lovely view of a brick wall from the rundown building next door. She heard whispering, and found her grandmother and the doctor were talking out in the hall. She sighed; she didn’t know how much longer she could take this. It was not only physically, but emotionally exhausting and painful. This was the fourth time she had been in the hospital this month!

As her grandma entered the room she asked, “Ok, what happened this time?”

Ellie was positive that Grandma didn’t care anymore. She probably thought Ellie was going insane; an interruption to her before peaceful life.

“They’re coming for me, the monsters, they’re here.” Ellie voice was so scratchy and high, she sounded as if she was possessed.

“ We can’t go on this way. Your parents are going to be back soon; what are they going to think when they hear about this…” Her voice trailed off, and the room got blurry. The only sound Ellie could hear was her heart monitor, the beeps getting faster and faster. Sweat trickled down her whole body. Ellie’s soft, green eyes were invaded by the purple pupils of her monster, finally fastening the two together, as they really were.
“Ellie! Ellie!” The soft whisper of her Grandma’s screams taunted her. The whole room started to shake; lights flickered. Ellie’s body pulsated as if she was having a seizure. Maybe if she closed her eyes they would go away? Grandma screamed for nurse’s assistance.

So much commotion surrounded her, but all Ellie could hear now was silence. She was so desperate for this to end. No words could’ve describe exactly how she felt. Weak, scared, sad? No, none of those words were even remotely equivalent to her emotions.

“You’re not going to win Ellie.”

“You’re going to die Ellie.”

“Fighting is pointless.”

“I say we just destroy her now, once and for all.”

“No!” she screamed.

She was praying that they would stop, give up, just let her live a normal life. But, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there, just because you’re not scared in the beginning doesn’t mean you won’t be terrified later, and just because you beg them to leave, doesn’t mean they will.

Nurses, doctors, and Ellie’s grandma frantically scattered the room. Trying anything and everything to keep her alive.

Ellie’s body settles, and she lies peacefully in her bed. The steady beep of the heart monitor is now an everlasting, obnoxious “Beeeeep!”

The chaos dies, and everyone stands there staring. Some still in the pose of action from trying to help her. A mist experts from Ellie’s chest. Red hot, and evil looking, the demon grins, and disappears into thin air.

A soft, yet creepy whisper escapes Ellie’s lifeless lips, and floods the room, leaving everyone too terrified to move.

“The monster is dead.”

The author's comments:

I wrote this as a challenge piece for my seventh grade ELA class. I have waited until now to submit because I was nervous no one would understand the characters connection. 

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