The Same Day, Two Years

June 1, 2017
By Lovebugg221 BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Lovebugg221 BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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I was at my favorite chinese restaurant Goose, Goose, Duck and I just finished my platter of Sweet and sour chicken with a side of white rice. It was almost time to leave, but first I had to open my fortune cookie the waiter gave me a few minutes ago. As I began to crack my cookie open a little slip of white paper fell out. I picked it up after shoving the two broken pieces of cookie into my mouth. I started reading the slip as it read ‘Your life's in danger. Say nothing to no body. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: SAY NOTHING.”
I began to feel balls of little sweat pour down my face. I looked around to see if I could see anything out of ordinary. It felt as if all eyes were on me and watching my every move. I stood up very slowly see if anyone else was starting to get up along with me. No one seemed to make a move so I quickly began to dash out of the building without paying or looking back.
I turned the corner and slowed down my pace. I started breathing heavily, trying hard to collect my breath in the damp, dimed  lite alleyway. Soon after a little rest a strange man about 5’8 and broad shoulders came walking very slowly over to where I was. I was staring at his feet and soon I started to look up and I was ment with crystal blue eyes with specks of gold. “Hello. May I ask what your name would be?” “...” “Are you ok sir?” Blue eyes looked at me with concern, I would tell him i’m not aloud to speak, but I CAN’T SPEAK! I hate this so much. I looked up at Christopher again, this time his eyes held more than concern. They held fear and panic. I realized my face probably looked very weird since I was debating whether or not I should talk to him or just run.
I quickly chose to make a dash for it, since i’m supposed  to leave town. I ran and ran for a good ten minutes before I was at the train station. I looked back one more time before going in line to obtain a train ticket. I kept looking behind me to see if anything is or was out of place. I quickly made one more look before i quickly made my place onto the train that was to leave no more than five minutes.
As I sat on the train I started gazing out the window taking in my surroundings. As much as I could see was lots of people rushing in and out of different trains and stations. Nothing really caught my eye until a crystal blue eyed man came into view and the station. I started to panic. ‘What was he doing here? Maybe he has business here or someone to meet.’ My thoughts soon were answered by Blue eyes making directed eye contact with me.
I didn’t realize how long I was staring because when I came back from my daze Blue eyes was no longer in his place in line, he was right next to me on my right. “Hey stranger, nice to see you again.” “.....” I said nothing, all I did was blink. “Not much of a talker I see.” Blue eyes laughed as if he just said something really funny. He soon stopped as he saw my face deadpan. “Are you alright?” “.....” I hate that I can’t talk, it makes me so mad. If I could talk right now, I would of told him to leave me alone and to get away since I didn’t know him all to well.
It was an hour long train ride out of the city, and between that hour I fell asleep and so was woken by a very pleased Blue eyes. “Hey our stop is coming up.” Blue eyes said with a huge grin reaching from one corner of his face to the next. “....” That’s all I could respond with do to the fact I still can’t talk till, well who knows when. “Are you coming?” Blue eyes jestered towards the door in the front of our train cart. I began to walk over to baggie check, when I noticed I had no clue to where we were or what I going to do since I left my life behind and I only have a few bucks.
We started walking down the street with our bags in hand, towards a house I’ve seen before but now it was just a distant memory, locked away. I don’t know what made me think it was safe to go with Blue eyes but I did. I walked into the old stone house, stepping on the creaky wood flooring. Blue eyes looked me in the eyes and started searching my face as to see if anything changed. I started looking at him seeing hope then sadness written upon his chiseled face I never really noticed before.
“Can I know your name?” “......” “Is everything alright?” “......” What does he want me to do, I  mean I can’t talk. “Do you remember this place?” Blue eyes asked gesturing to the house we were in. “.....” “Huhh, I knew it was going to be a long process to make you remember.” He mumbled almost as if he didn’t what me to hear. “We should get to sleep.” With that he left me to go up stairs, without another word.
It’s been a whole two weeks since I came to this house, leave my old life behind. Blue eyes told me his name is Blake and I wrote him a letter explaining that my name is Ashton. Blake and I have been getting along better for the past few days. He kept asking questions on my life but I could not respond so I wrote the answers down instead.
Whenever I asked Blake what day it was or any question about the outside world all he did was change the subject. I started to get really worried on what’s really going on, but I ended up leaving it go for now. I have to be careful on what I say or do so Blake does not know i’m getting worried.
“Ashton can I ask you one final question?” i nodded my head as a sign to go ahead. “What was the last date you remember?” I started to think of the answer as he handed me a slip of paper and a pen. I wrote down May 5, 2015. Blake gave me a very concerned look and started talking again. “Well I have something to tell you, it’s not May 5, 2015, it’s really May 5, 2017.” I was shocked how did I get the date wrong when that’s the last date I remember. “I see you are very confused, well you got into a very bad car crash on the way to the restaurant and you lost most of your memories from the past and you lost your voice for good.” So i’ve been living the same day over again for the past two years. “I know it’s hard to take in right now but it’s the truth. I’m sorry Ashton.” After that talk Blake left out the front door and I never saw him again.

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It was a class assinmet we did with a partner but i ened up doing it alone

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