The Saver with No Name

June 1, 2017
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Sapphire was the age of Five when she was put into a orphanage due to her parents alcohol problem. Sapphire always walked around town in search for food but all she found was an old tin can and some other orphan kids around her age. Sapphire was soon to go hungry if no food was found.
One day as Sapphire was walking through the forest, she was meant with a old cottage in the middle of the unknown forest. Sapphire wasn’t scared because of all the hell she was put to and seen. Sapphire was knocking on the old wooden door but with no luck, `no one answered. Sapphire tried opening the door with all her might but to no avail it didn’t budge.
Sapphire started feeling sick from the lose of food. She started to stumble  with every step she made. Soon Sapphire’s eyes started to drap closed but before doing so she saw a black shadowy blur. Sapphire could feel herself being dragged but made no move to wake up.

Four year old Sapphire was standing in the middle of the stair watching silently as her parents drank and fought. Due to Sapphire always watching them she picked up a little pattern they did. The more they drank the more they fought, and the more they bought Sapphire toys and goodies to apologise. Sapphire soon saw that they had no avail to stop drinking and soon passed out. Sapphire had enough of this, so when her parents awoke she confronted them.
“Mommy and daddy I want to to stop with all this drinking, my teacher told me it’s bad for you.” Sapphire said while laying with her parents.
Her dad got very angry with this statement, his face was almost red. “What did you say to your teacher to where she said that?” Her dad said thought clenched teeth. “I told her that you and mommy drink a lot and yell at each other, she told me that it was bad if parents do that around their little girl.” Sapphire knew she messed up when her dad swung to hit her but she never felt the blow of his hand, due to the knock at the door.
*Dream over*
When Sapphire woke up she was meant with a stray black lad with gold eyes and saw a short length of rope tied to her left wrist and a huge plate of food on the floor. She was saved, by the stray dog with no name.

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