God is Here

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Small, cold droplets of water fell on the tips of my fingers as I held my hands out towards the sky. My eyes were shut and my head was bowed. I was praying. I didn't really understand why I was outside, but I knew I wasn't the only one. I could feel and hear people around me, yet I refused to open my eyes. I couldn't. I needed to speak with God. There was so many questions I had to ask. There was so many answers I needed to know.
The rain slowly came to a stop. I could no longer feel the water on my fingertips. It was completely gone. It almost seemed as if there was never rain to begin with. I was completely dry. I didn't understand how, but I didn't question a thing. Mostly because there wasn't anyone I could really ask.
"Open your eyes", a soft voice whispered in my ear. Almost, immediately I opened my eyes. Only to find that there wasn't anyone there, or anyone else.
Now I was confused and a bit frightened. I thought there was more people.
Everything got quiet. It was so quiet, the only thing I could here was my own breathing and heartbeat. That's when I heard his voice.
"I am here my child"

The author's comments:

Just something I wanted to share with others. 

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