Why It Rains

May 19, 2017

In the early days of the beginning of time, a thousand years after the Titans had overthrown their father Ouranos, and had become rulers of the world. Two of Gaea’s children, Tethys and Oceanus, are the main reason we have rain. Tethys and Oceanus found a baby titan, but could not find their parents, so they took her in and raised her as their own. They named her Rayna, and loved her more dearly than any of their other children.
Rayna grew up and fit right in with their family. She was loved by all the titans, and her brethren too. But one day she went missing, and no one had any idea where she was. Tethys and Oceanus searched the world for her, but could not find anything so they called upon their mother, Gaea. She told them that she found some remains of Rayna, and the thing that ripped Rayna to pieces and spread her across the world was a small, but powerful manifestation of Ouranos. Enraged and sorrowful, they confronted Ouranos and completely obliterated him in anger and grief.
The days it rains, Tethys and Oceanus are weeping for their loss of Rayna. The reason why rain comes from the sky is because Ouranos felt horrible for what he did, so every time he discovers Tethys and Oceanus weeping, he goes down and apologizes and comforts them. When he goes back up to the sky, he takes their tears with him as a reminder of what he did and spreads them across the world where the humans have lost someone. Ouranos named their tears rain in honor of Rayna who he unrightfully destroyed and took from their family.

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