What They Can't See

May 8, 2017

There were two peacocks in the zoo. One was named George and the other was named Rue. George was a whopping seven foot tall, with large purple and pink feathers that stretched out from his sides. Rue was about three foot tall with pale gray feathers. Rue dreaded each morning when the zoo would open because all that he ever wanted was to be noticed by someone. Every day the crowd was always drawn to George. The children were so excited to see him. The adults picked up their phones and cameras to capture a picture of him. Every night George would brag and brag about how he didn’t have to do anything to get all of the attention because he was so “naturally beautiful”. After closing, Rue spent all of his time trying to brush his feathers and do anything he could think of to make himself look better. He dreamed of the day that a child would see him and smile. All that he wanted was to make someone happy and all that George wanted was to put him down and to brag on his own appearance. Rue waited for the day when someone would see him for what is on the inside instead of only his appearance.

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