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The world is a dangerous place filled with poisonous snakes, who are dressed like humans, wearing masks that resemble the people around us. Snakes slither into our homes, intruding upon our near-perfect lives, as theirhisses and rattles produce deadly, fearsome lies infecting us with an incurable disease which we must suffer with.

In their scaly bodies, cold blood flows through them like a coursing river in mid-December where snow sticks to the ground like glue. They release their sharp fangs and plunge them into our pure, innocent skin, killing us slowly as we absorb the lies and fakeness they radiate.  Once we die, we smack against the hard floor as the snakes, satisfied with their evil accomplishments, slither into the woods, peeling off their masks like stripping skin from a scab, revealing the backstabbing hideousness underneath.  

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