A tale of a girl's bravery

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One Saturday morning, fourteen-year- old Emily was feeling bored of her usual life. She wanted to experience something exciting, adventurous and interesting as in the novels that she often read. But she knew that it was not possible in her real life. At the same time when these thoughts came to her mind, her mother called her. She went downstairs to ask her mother why had she called her. Her mother told her to go to the market and buy some fruits and vegetables. There was nothing else to do for Emily so she thought that going out would freshen her up enough to get rid of the terrible boredom and lameness she felt at the moment.   

So, obeying her mother, she went to the market. However, while returning from the market she had a strange feeling. She felt like all the town was quiet that day . There were no sounds of vehicles on the road. No one was walking on the footpaths. Even the park which used to be full of children was empty that day. Emily was very curious to know where the people had gone on the brightest day of summer. She rushed to her house in order to tell this to her mother. This was getting weirder when she saw that her mother was not there. She went to the nearby houses to ask if her mother was there. But, Emily was shocked to see that no one was there in any of the houses. Then, abruptly a loud voice attracted her towards it. It was actually a voice of a person asking for help. The voice was terrifying. Emily was shivering with fear. Suddenly a big hole appeared before her  eyes. That big hole looked like a mirror. She touched it very slowly. Before she knew, She was fully inside the mirror-like hole. After passing through that hole, Emily found herself in a different world. The first thing that caught her eye was the beauty of  the surroundings. She also noticed that the sky was the purest shade of blue. For a few minutes, Emily forgot about  the strange thing that had happened with her. A weird sound coming from the nearby lake made her shiver with fear. She went near  the lake from where the weird sounds were coming from. There she saw a little girl carrying a familiar type of bird in her hands. It was white in color, had a perfectly orange-colored beak and it also had a type of charm that no bird could ever possess. Emily remembered  having seen that bird often in pictures but never in real life.  After some thinking,  Emily gasped. The bird in the girl’s hands  was a Dodo – a heavenly and extraordinarily beautiful species of birds which is now extinct on earth . Then, after a few minutes little girl spoke:" Who are you? And how did you come here in Stella?" Emily replied with a little hesitation:" I don’t know anything about  this place. I did not even know that this place’s name was ' Stella' ."
         After Emily’s reply the girl asked: "Then why have you come here?" As the girl didn't seem to be a threat to her Emily explained about all that had happened to her to the little girl. The little girl told that her name was Asreen. Then suddenly she remembered and asked Asreen:" I am sorry to interrupt you but it is rather important. I wanted to ask you where all the people of my town have gone." Then, Asreen replied with a sad voice: "They have been kidnapped by the evil demons." Emily asked again with a surprised reaction:" If that is what happened then how am I the Only one not being kidnapped by them? I have told you everything about what has happened to me. So please tell me something about Stella." After hearing This Asreen replied: "I know that this all is new for you. But, you have to understand Stella needs your help and support not your questions. You will soon understand everything. I shall  explain to you  later as soon as the battle comes to an end. For now please satisfy yourself with the fact that Stella is a parallel world towards the existing one which has been attacked." Emily could not even understand her words and so again a question was asked by her: "What battle are you talking about ?" As soon she asked that question, a person in a very weird dress came running towards them. He was wearing a shirt which was really long and reached till his knees decorated with Diamonds. Not only this, he was wearing a pair of trousers of yellow color and a crown on his head. This made Emily feel very strange. When the man came close enough to be heard, he said :"All of our soldiers have been killed. We have been defeated by the power-hungry demons. There is no way for us except to run away from here! Sister, we know that they are really powerful so let's not mess up with them or we may be killed.” On hearing this Asreen said: "No! I will never escape my duty. We are not losers to give up and run away. We are the brave citizens of Stella and we shall not give up in any cost. So, We must fight back. On top of everything, we are the son and daughter of the King and Queen." But, the man ran away saying :" What brave citizens? Sorry but I don't have the might of a brave citizen. So ,Goodbye! little sister.” Emily was getting curious to know the truth of Stella.
        For a moment Asreen was silent. After some moments of silence, Asreen said in a calm and composed tone; "You must help me to fight for Stella. I know that  it is very difficult to understand what’s happening and why. You will get all your answers very soon. I promise you that as soon as this war is finished and things become all right here you will find yourself in your own house and all the people of your town will be back. So, do you agree to come with me and fight for my world?" Emily thought hard and after a long pause she finally agreed to go with Asreen. It was a very difficult decision for Emily to take. She was already missing her mother a lot  and tears were rolling down her eyes. At the same time, she was unfamiliar to Stella and knew nothing about it except for the fact that a battle was going on there. However, despite her situation, she managed to control herself. Asreen slowly led the way. While on the road, Emily sensed  a great danger approaching. Asreen remained perfectly calm and quiet . Then after a while, something  very unexpected happened. The beautifully paved road suddenly disappeared and a dark road without any beauty emerged in front of them. Asreen’s calmness had  totally disappeared by that time and  a shocked and frightened look was on her face," What happened just now means that Stella is weakening. So we must hurry. There is only one way I can remember to reach the Stellanion pond..."Before Asreen could speak again, a voice was heard which was as sweet as a nightingale's. It was like a song  and Emily could hear it loud and clear:
"Legends say that battles of Stella can be won by courageous heroes.............
But one thing you must remember, cowardice and fear cannot help you. What you need is  bravery, confidence and belief upon yourself. An encounter with your worst fears it is. Troubles will arise but what this battle really needs is the courage of a warrior." Having heard this Asreen looked as if she was  absorbed in deep thought." In case you are wondering, that was voice of Stella itself." she said to Emily. Emily was dumbfounded for a moment. After what seemed like a long time, she finally came to her senses and questioned Asreen about the journey. Asreen replied with an exhausted voice," I have heard  that the sword that I possess has a long story. It was the weapon of the strongest men and warriors in Stella. I think.." Asreen suddenly fell down  and the shawl she wore slipped away revealing a deep cut near her heart. Emily was shocked to see the wound. Asreen tried to speak and was finally successful," Don't worry about me. Save Stella for my sake. I cannot fight in such condition. Take my sword and run. I can sense the demons approaching. Fight with all the might you have." Saying this she handed her sword to Emily.
        Emily was in dilemma. She was faced with the hardest decision of her life. She was trapped between two decisions: whether to fight for a world that she did not belong to or to run and hide. Before she could even decide, black-colored, tall creatures started surrounding her. She held tightly on the sword and started slashing it around the nearest demons keeping her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes and was greeted with an unpleasant scene of  dark black blood everywhere. Surprisingly, Emily had managed to slay all demons surrounding her but she was not happy about what she had done. Tears were forming in her eyes. For her killing anyone, either good or bad, just or unjust, was a crime. Killing someone was something Emily could never do and yet she had done what she wasn't supposed to do. She wiped her tears with her  hands and looked around her to see, to her horror, another army of demons approaching. She controlled her deepest emotions and ran straight ahead  slaying every demon as she ran . After a long time of running she finally stopped. What made her stop was the sudden appearance of the mirror-like hole which had brought her into Stella. She buried the sword half in the ground, checked to see if there were any demons following her and when she found her surroundings safe-enough, she passed through the hole into her familiar world.
       Emily woke up the next morning in her own house, in her own room, with her mother shouting at her for waking up really late. While Emily was figuring out whether Stella was real or not, in the faraway kingdom of Stella, the greatest warriors and men of  Stella along with Asreen and the royalties were bowing before the half-buried sword that Emily had left on the ground. The most legendary warrior of Stella was saying," People have often bowed before the bravery of  warriors, men and even boys. But today, we bow before the bravery of a girl who has proved by her actions that a warrior's heart is never defined by gender, it is instead defined by the unlimited bravery it holds."

The End

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